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Help! I want to buy a saddle for my dragon, but even doing 



quests doesn't help. Some of them even need gems. How can



I get more gems and coins?


Willow Vivianna

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Coins and gems option

Hi VIking ,

U can get coins ,if u do for example this stuff : Thunder Run Racing , also quests XD , Fireball Frenzy etc.

U can get gems ,if u pay gems or u wait untill u get your daily reward .



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you can buy the saddle that

you can buy the saddle that can be purchased with coins, if you don't have gems :3

earn the money by what Ash suggested up there^ (except fireball frenzy does not give coins :p)

andd, play the elemental match game (it doesnt waste your dragons energy!) 

good luck. c;


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You can also get gems by

You can also get gems by inviting friends!




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Farming is the best solution

Farming is the best solution :)


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Coins • TR Racing • Alchemy


• TR Racing

• Alchemy Adventure

• Quests

• Farming and fishing offers from Trader Johann



Inviting friends — 50 gems per friend

Completing offers — amount varies

Watching ad videos — 1 gem per video

Weekly award (without membership) — 8 gems 


other than buying gems, those are your only options. If you're lucky, you can get a saddle from the mystery boxes that they're offering. 





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