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Hi! I don't know I really quick way to get gems. I can get on School of Dragons for 1 hour everyday (maybe 2). Can someone give me tips on how to get gems really quickly? Thanks!

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Just saying...

The fastest way is probably to buy them.


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Just use the new viking method: get 300 gems beforehand, buy a trial membership, make a new viking, go into Flight Club and get 45 A+s, you should get 250-300 gems ish. If you get 300 each week you can keep recycling the trial membership without having to use any real money.


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There are probably more ways, but here's a couple:


1. Battle events! 

- You will get a chest if it is a victory and one of the random options is often a certain amount of gems.


2. Dragon Tactics!

- They also give chests at the end for completing and doing optional requirements. If you're lucky, you can get anywhere from 5-200 gems. 


3. Buying them!

- Like Dragonriders fury said, that is definitely the fasted way, but only if you're willing to spend money. I am not, for one, willing, but I usually get enough from other things to save up for a new dragon egg every month or so.


4. Daily rewards!

- You get 5, 15, and 30 gems every other day if you check in consecutive days.


5. Diamond Quests!

- I don't really know anything about these, but I'm assuming it's a quest. Where you get diamonds. Yeah actually you should probably ask someone else about this one.





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I don't think there are gem quests, unless you're talking about the stable quests. In that case, you need a membership.



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Flare ate my subject and Eclipse ate my lunch

What starter dragon do you have? If you have a Sand Wraith or Shockjaw, then you can do battles. If not, then you might want to do the ideas above.

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Well, there are several ways.  The most reliable are gem vikings.  There are several gem viking methods.

1.  Look up on YouTube the gem mystery stable trick.  It's too complicated to explain.  2 minutes (excluding tutorial) for 60 gems.

2.  Flight Club.  You get 100 gems for completing 10 hero dragon levels (about 10 minutes)(Hookfang is free to use withought membership), 200 for getting 45 A+ (about an hour), and 50 for completing 45 levels (just do it with the other one).

3.  Dragon tactics.  You get 50 gems for doing the first 4 levels of the training levels (about 20 minutes) and 200 gems for completing the first 4 levels of Arena (about 20 minutes).  To do the last one, you have to open all the chests on the 4th level.  It only works if you haven't completed the "Rise of Stormheart" expansion on that character.

4.  Secret of the Leviathon minigames.  You have to have the SotL expansion.  You have to get three stars on every level.  It takes me about 15 minutes for the Incredible Machine, and much longer for Cogs and Gears.  You get 150 gems from each minigame.


  I find that the most effective way is to create a new character (you can just delete an old one if you want), do the mystery stable trick, do the 10 hero dragon levels in Flight Club, and then the first four levels of Arena.  Then delete that character and do it again.   Hope this helped :)


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