Gargle's cute little Flame Whipper

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I realized that I have taken and shared very few screenshots of my youngest dragon (since I couldn't easily capture her flying) so I would like to change that. Here are the close-ups I managed to take of the ever adorable Brightslime. The first was originally used for my signature a couple years ago, but the following ones are newer.


That's right, I've kept her her as a baby for three years!



Her profile picture stayed the same since I adopted her, back when her eyes were glitched for a long time. I incorporated that into her story by explaining that she was blind for the first few months that Gargle took care of her.

(Actual adoption date: June 11, 2017)


Stay tuned for more of Brightslime's antics!


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O. M. G.


So cuuuuute!




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Aww, what a cutie! I kept my flamewhipper a baby for quite a while before aging her up.



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Something fierce and beautiful

Near the end of spring, Brightslime slept peacefully on the last of the melting ice with her sticky toe pads, while Gargle positioned his feet very carefully to avoid slipping down into the sea.


There was also the time when she ate glowing algae and came out of the water glowing yellow.


But just a few days ago, she came out of the lava pit at the Hatchery a much bigger dragon!


When she was done snoozing, Gargle got on her back and she climbed the rock walls while carrying him. He was amazed at how fierce she was, ready to take on anything.


Since he didn't want to put a strain on her small wings he let her fly on her own, and she helped take down an enemy ship with her powerful lashes of fire! Considering her protective nature, he wasn't too surprised that she had fired back at the attackers.


Her beautiful colours were a sight to behold as she flew over the Wilderness. Gargle is eager to go gliding alongside her soon.

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Testing the Thawfest Dragon Armor

It was a long and arduous climb up the steep mountains and sheer cliffs. Brightslime carried Gargle most of the way, and he clung on to her neck for dear life. At the vertical parts he gripped the rock himself, with his Flame Whipper spotting him just below. At last they made it to a high vantage point on New Berk.


He took a leap and spread out his new wings painted with festive Thawfest colours; Brightslime glided close behind.



Once they had landed at the water's edge and climbed back up to the village, they took a break at the Great Hall.


This had been a tiring new adventure, but Gargle still wanted to glide some more. So he called on Bulkshield, saddled him up, and they took off to reach the highest mountains on New Berk.

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 Tracking! :D



                                                               By Hiddenn/Em   


                                         More coming soon. Currently going under a revamp.



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Brightslime's Growth & Bulkshield's Glow

I edited a couple more pictures to create a side-by-side comparison between her baby and adult stages.


My gameplay has become so much more colourful since I started riding Brightslime and wearing a brightly painted flight suit.


I decided to make Bulkshield glow red for a change!


In the Hidden World he matched the colours of the paint Gargle was wearing. Brightslime came with them, which you will see in the next post.

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Brightslime in the Hidden World

Gargle rode his now glowing main dragon, and Brightslime followed them past the village and down to the entrance to the Hidden World. They dove in. Pretty soon the young dragon's skin began to reveal a yellow and cyan glow.


Hovering, she turned to look back at Gargle, who gestured for her to go ahead and play. So she took off, deftly weaving between the stalagmites to explore her surroundings.


This was certainly a fun place for her. She even enjoyed munching on a few of the mushrooms!


And I hope you enjoyed watching Brightslime's growth to a broad wing and her playful adventures. While she was the youngest of Gargle's dragons, my next screenshot thread will feature the last one he adopted.