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Ello everyone. So as of late, I've been distancing myself from the forums. For the fact that I don't play SoD and other reasons I'd rather not discuss. But I still wanna talk about other games with all of you lovely people! Most of you are so nice and fun to chat with! And I'll miss that! So without further ado, here's the announcement for my gaming discord server!

Hello friends! I'm here to announce a gaming discord I just created! So far it's for Nintendo games, but if you join and have any other recommendations feel free to give them! There's a few channels that are already up such as, a legend of Zelda related one, a pokemon related one, a Mario bros related one, and an animal crossing related one! But like I said above, feel free to give us recommendations!

Here's the link!

I'll see you all, in the server :)



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