Game of War - Prologue: Mysteries and Mayhem

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0in">The steady drip, drip, drip of water echoed in the silent cave as the water reflected electric blue off the cave roof. The figure stood patiently by the water’s edge, fingering a sleek and lethal dagger slid into his belt. His face was obscured by the hood he wore, but the shadows could not keep his silver eyes in the dark. The figure stood motionless, waiting for his companion. His black cloak concealed his lean body, and his black tunic did little to hide that fact of his practiced muscles. A red sash was tied at his waist; two leather straps crisscrossed over his iron wall of a chest, one holding his bow and quiver at his back, and the other holding a dagger that was sheathed along the length of the strap. He wore black combat boots and had blades of small sizes hidden upon him. He was a dangerous man to mess with.

0in">The drip, drip, drip of the water continued to be the only sound heard.

0in">Footsteps echoed in the tunnel at the cave entrance, and a flickering torch held by a strong hand came into view. He was dressed similarly to his companion, only instead of black, he wore dark, almost black, blue with the dash of crimson red tied about his waist and hanging in the form of crimson cord from his bow that was strapped to his back.

0in">The newcomer put the torch out in the rippling pool of water, setting it aside on a flat surfaced stalagmite.

0in">"Pardon my lack of timing, Lyzerek,” he said.

0in">"Did anyone follow you, Faspian?” was the deep voiced answer.


0in">"Good. Follow me. And take off your cloak. You won’t be needing it for where we’re going,” Lyzerek said, taking off his own cloak and rolling it in a bundle. His face, now revealed from the cowl, was roguishly dashing in its own qu.eer way.

0in">"Whatever you do, do not swallow so much as a droplet of water. It’ll kill you, or fry your throat at least,” Lyzerek warned.

0in">He stepped into the water, disturbing the pattern of ripples that had been caused by the dripping stalactite hanging above the center of the pool. The water was clear and blue, letting you see all the way to the bottom for a few feet into the pool. Then it dropped away to a darker blue, warning swimmers of a deep fall to nothingness. Faspian waded in behind, eyeing the deep, murky blue just a few feet away.

0in">There was a soft hissing sound off to their left, and then waters rippled as a serpent’s spine broke through the surface. Chills went down Faspian’s spine as he realized they were wading in a pool of Repters. No wonder Lyzerek had warned him not to swallow any of this water; Repters released poison off their scales and leave a trail of it wherever they go.

0in">They weren’t necessarily harmful unless provoked, but their glittering black scales were nearly hypnotizing and chaotic at the same time; their luminescent ice blue scales were placed randomly along their backs and sides, adding to the look. Their silver tongues slithered in and out of their blunt snouts underwater, detecting the abnormal currents any trespassers caused. Their long, sleek bodies were about 3x size of a King Cobra and were more agile and stronger.

0in">An especially large Repter coiled loosely around Lyzerek, halting him in his tracks. The repter’s head came out above the water, its coal black eyes boring into Lyzerek. Lyzerek held the serpents gaze, saying softly: “Take us to Helzpit.” Helzpit was where all partially tamed and dangerous creatures and people were imprisoned and was preserved for the worst and most dangerous of cases only.

0in">"You know full well the consequences of going there,” the Repter hissed, slowly coiling its tail around Faspian. The usual consequences were a scorched limb or a dead companion (or a dead you, if you weren’t lucky enough). It was considered a rare and stupid decision to do there and few survived, much less made it out alive.

0in">"And I am willing to endure them,” Lyzerek countered. The Repter let out a hissed sigh and dove beneath the water, its luminescent scales pulsing a scarlet red. A few other, smaller lengthened Repters loosely coiled themselves around Lyzerek and Faspian, their ice blue scales fading to a poisonous white. One final Repter coiled itself around both men’s eyes, blindfolding them completely.


0in">The world spun in a dazzling array of blue hues, from bright neon blue to dark, ocean blue. Red leaked into the hues, turning the color vibe purple. The purple faded to light neon red to dark and bloody crimson. Then it all halted abruptly, fading away to black. Then the setting was drawn out as if an artist were drawing a scenic version of he.ll. Red fire bordered the faraway mountains, silhouetting them in black. Ten fiery pillars surrounded a clearing, blocking in the most eye catching scene of all; a group of 5 tethered dragons glowering and straining to get out from the chains that tethered them to the pillars. Around them were scattered bones and blood stained the area around each of them. Each monster of a dragon was different.

0in">The first one was huge and its scales glittered dark mahogany, streaks of fiery orange running along its sides and under its wings. The one chained near to it was scarlet red. There were hints of blue along its limbs and neck, and its tail tip looked likes it had been dipped in dark ocean blue paint. The third one was almost an exact replica, except that the color scheme was crimson red with fiery orange. The fourth one was the largest, and his eyes were murderous and blood thirsty. His scales were a dark, intimidating black and his tail barb was crimson red. His eyes glittered like gold and his underwings were dark, dark red. The fifth one looked like Smaug, with wings for forelegs and a long, sweeping tail tipped with a matching barb.

0in">"Be warned: Infrares are hard and stubborn and do not take orders willingly. They are bred kil.lers and will turn on you the moment it senses deception towards itself!” The Repter hissed, before disappearing in a flash of flame. All the dragons’ heads swiveled towards Lyzerek and Faspian, who had appeared right in the center of the circle of dangerous dragons.

0in">"So,” it hissed, “these are our riders.”


0in">Dear Readers:

0in">Repters are Lor’s hyped version of sea serpents; they have more venomous fangs, stronger scales, more peaceful interactions with those outside their species and better swimmers. They can teleport people to a few select places and they can survive on land for a few months, but only in tropical or humid areas.

0in">Infrares are my hyped version of shadow and fire dragons combined.