Game of War - Chapter 5: Traps and Triggers

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Traps and Triggers

Ark followed Faspian to the second floor. It looked just like the third floor, except there were way fewer weapons and an obstacle course was set up. Ropes and tires hung from the roof, and tunnels and wire were built in seemingly random places and positions, hiding what was in the middle of the room. 

The group gathered around the starting line, waiting for further orders. Faspian clasped his hands together and said in a booming voice, "Alright! Let's get started!" 

An assistant tapped Faspian's arm. 

"Sir? Do you mind if I show them the course first?" he asked in a subtle manner. 

"I do mind, Indi. I want them to learn from exxperience," Faspian said. Indi quietly nodded and gave the group an "I tried" look. Faspian motioned them to line up at the starting line. 

"You may each take a path for yourself and avoid all contact and intervention with anyone while in the obstacles. Time is not a major priority right now, but skill assessment will determine much later on. Beware the traps set and watch out for some foolhardy play. Every path is different and automatically reset to fit your skill descripition," Faspian said as they each lined up and eyed the path in front of them. 

As soon as Faspian dropped his hand, Ark was off like a bolt. At first it seemed easy; dodging swinging monster truck tires and army crawling under barbed wire. Ark managed to fit himself into one of the tunnels that led into the middle of the room, coming out of the othe end a little sweaty. He heard a muffled grunt of surprise off to his left as steadied himself on a wobbly platform just outside the tunnel exit. 

But then Ark reached Faspian's favorite part: the Drummers. This part was, essentially, what it was named after: drums. They were huge hollow barrels with flexible canvas stretched over their mouths. Balled up cord attached to the roof pounded on the canvas, giving a deep, resounding boom! every time it bounced off. 

They were alternately set up, with thick gooey and bad smelling gunk at the bottom of the gaps. Ark leaped onto the first one, then onto the next one. He kept himself from breathing in the rancid smell as best as possible, but he wasn't able to keep all of it out. He glanced up from landing on the fourth one to see he had two left to go. So far nothing had done wrong. Hah. Wrong tiem to be thinking that. Right then, the canvas Ark had landed on suddenly collapsed in on itself, the barrel of the drum sucking Ark into a detour. Ark came up sputtering and surprised in a sidetrack of the obstacle. The same rancid smell engulfed Ark, but the Drummers were gone, replaced by snapping bear traps and wildly swinging clubs from above. Ark gritted his teeth and plunged on. He heard footsteps to his right, and guessed it was one of the girls from the way the person ran so lightly. 


"Sounds like one of them has reached the Drummers," Faspian commented to Indi. 

"Yes, sir. It seems he has," Indi replied quietly, 

"He?" Faspian queeried. 

"Yes, sir. It's Ark Wolfrick, the Incubus," Indi replied, forgetting Faspian was still getting used to his assistant's heat vision. 

"Ark's the Incubus, eh?" Faspian mused, rubbing his stubbled chin. 

"I've received strict orders to keep an eye on him while he's here," Indi said. 

"No wonder. Do the others know?"

"I do not believe so," 

"Hmm. Well, let's hope they don't find out the hard way," Faspian muttered. Indi, usually not one to smile or laugh, couldn't keep a slight smile from touching the corners of his lips. Their little conversation ended when the subject of their talk stumbled out of the maze of tunnels and ropes. 

"Well, that was a lot faster than I imagined," Faspian said, studying the smelling, scratched Ark as he sucked in heaps of fresh, clean air. Not far behind him, Margeret tripped out of the tunnel, smothering her mouth with her hands and trying her best not to outright puke her insides out. Griffin jumped off the raised platform a few feet above the ground, reacting the same way Ark and Margeret were. Cere tripped over Tetris on her way out of the Drummers exit. Tetris didn't seem affected at all by the effluvient smell, but her arm was badly disloacted, almost completely off. Margeret was first to notice and paused ong enough to forget the smell and stare in shock at the awkwardly twisted arm. 

"Heck, Tetris! How'd you do that?!" Faspian barked, rushing to Tetris and instantly snapping it back with a good two-handed grip and a wrench of his strong arms. Tetris merely shuddered and tested her relocated arm. 

"I wasn't expecting the balled cord to come at me like that," she explained. Margeret looked pale and Cere looked on with feigned boredom. Ark cocked his head at Tetris. 

"Did you feel a thing when he fixed your arm?" he asked. 

"No. I turned off feeling in that area when Faspian relocated it." Tetris said. Ark nodded in a vaguely understanding way and turned his attention to Faspian as he began to speak. 

"Alright! Time to go to Malkolm now! Before you do however, you'll need to get rid of that pungent smell," Faspian said. There was muttered agreemen as they filed out and followed Indi outside again to the back of the tower. There, Indi doused each person in a scarlet mist that smelled like blood. Then he ordered everyone to go into a separate stall built into the tower wall and completely emerge themselves, clothes and all, into the small pool found in there for a few minutes. When they reappeared, their clothes were free of the sickening smell and they were completely dry. 

"How are we still dry after getting soaked?" Ark asked. 

"The liquid is a clothes only fluid made by Lorian scientist to only affect clothes and materials like it," Indi explained, herding them back into the tower and up into the third floor. 

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go and help the Wolf group," Indi said, leaving them in the hands of Malkolm and his assistants.