Game of War - Chapter 4: Swords and Spears

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Swords and Spears

Jakill followed Malkolm into a large gym area. Swords, knives, slings, bows and axes were hung up along the wall as they entered. Spears, javelins, lances and shields were propped up against the wall next to it. Across from the ranged missiles was boots, helmets, and other defensive gear. There was a row of targets and propped up dummies on the farthest wall, and a line 75 paces from the targets. Another line was 50 paces from the targets, and another one at 25 and 15. 

A few helpers were waxing bow strings, sharpening swords or fixing splintered spear shafts. There were about 5 of them in all, one for each student, and they all stopped their work when the group entered. 

"I will start out with Jakill, then work my way down. The rest of you will be helped by our assistants and find the best weapon, which for now will be replaced by a blunt replica," Malkolm said, waiting for Jakill to find his prefered weapon. Jakill spotted the rack of bows and immediately went over. He picked out a 50 pound recurve and tested its draw strength. Satisfied with what he had chosen, Jakill scanned the row of quivers. 

"You will be provided with blunt tipped arrows," Malkolm said, impressed that Jakill had found his weaopn so easily and expertly. He led Jakill over to the 25 line, and handed him a quiver of blunt arrows. 

"Aim for the chest or the neck," Malkolm said, stepping back behind the equipped archer. Jakill nocked an arrow from the quiver and pulled back. 

"Use your shoulder and back muscles to pull, or else you'll strain your arms too much," Malkolm said. Jakill adjusted according to what Malkolm had suggested, and he found himself able to aim longer. 

"And don't aim for too long," Malkolm said. Jakill released, and the arrow sped off. It missed the dummy's upper left chest by an inch and clattered to the ground behind the line of dummies and targets. Jakill shot 7 more times until the quiver was empty. Out of the 8 shots, he had gotten 3 to actually hit the dummy, 1 to hit the intended target, and the rest were only a few spare inches from hitting. Malkolm nodded with satisfaction. 

"Your shooting is good compared to normal foreign standards, but your shooting could stand to be built upon." Jakill was pleased he had at least made a good impressions upon the resident mentor. 

"You can head over to Watu over there and he can give you some pointers," Malkolm said, gesturing over to a brown haired man who was stringing a crossbow. Jakill nodded and went over. 

"Edgar! You're next!" Malkolm called. Edgar walked over nervously, gripping a blunted axe by the haft a little too tightly to where his knuckles were white. Malkolm gently pried the axe from Edgar's grip and showed him how to hold it correctly, talking to him about how best it could be used and how to throw it so that you didn't end up throwing it down on your foot by accident. The lesson went well with Edgar literally cutting his practice dummy in two with a good and powerful throw and then almost chopping off Malkolm's head when he raised it to strike a few hand-to-hand blows. Other than that, Edgar seemed a natural with the axe. Malkolm paired Edgar up with Fada, a teen girl who looked like a Goth and could tear you to shreds. She took Edgar over to a corner by a solitary dummy and taught him more axe throwing and hand-to-hand combat. 

Ginger was next, learning how to nock an arrow the correct way and not to shoot until the way was clear. Rhaeyne was next to learn how to hold a javelin correctly and throw it without skewering the person behind you. She also learned how to use her light bending for defense.

Glen finished up the lessons with a big shebang: learning how to quickly transform from human to double bladed axe within five seconds or less and then learning to run and then throw himself at a target, quickly transforming from human to axe to impale the dummy. Malkolm seemed pleased with all of them. 

"Well, then. You all seem to do pretty good. You will continue your sub-lessons with your peers for the remaining ten minutes," Malkolm said. They all nodded and went back to either defending themselves against blunt swords or trying to best their trainer at shooting. 

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Hula eel

Please tell me what you think about what I've written so far! I'd appreciate it very much!

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Very good Navlyn! I over how you are bringing all the characters into this. You have a lovely writing style ^^.


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