Game of War - Chapter 2: Laikrin

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Everyone followed Tetris into the blazing red tower. Edgar hadn't noticed it upon entering the campus. He took out a slip of paper from his pocket and reread it: 


For the receiver of this message. You have been invited to Lor's top university, located within the boundaries of Laikrin. Upon arrival, you will spend the night at Laikrin Guest Housing. From there you will follow the directions stated below to Opunwarudo University's Administration building. You will continue on from there. 


So apparently he was on his own now. He had stayed at Laikrin Guest Housing just as the note had said, and he had registered at the Admin building. Now he was following a robot into a suspicious looking tower. They passed several people; some were split into groups, while others ran with haste to their destination. Others were walking along nonchalantly and chatting with a friend, sibling or mentor. The clash of metal on metal sounded in the background, and occasional explosions of some sort of element would erupt, followed by smoke and the sounds of coughing. As they had passed the smithy, Edgar could hear the loud and deafening sounds of busy blacksmiths and apprentices. He heaved a sigh of relief when they finally passed. 


Guards stood at the doorway, their spears crossed in the classical X defense. When they saw Tetris and her file of new students, they held their spears upright, carefully eyeing each and every person who passed. Edgar was one of the last to enter and therefore one of the last to see the glory hidden within the scarlet walls. He stopped in his tracks. The walls were made of a crystal like chemical that filtered in red light, casting a hel.lish yet unique light everywhere. Stairs ran along the wall, a landing platform at every floor. A set of stairs ran on the opposite side of the wall to create something that looked like the twisted backbone of DNA. 

"This is one of the towers Laikrin is proud of," Tetris started, "Vizzet is Lorian for 'crimson' and is also a Lorian chemical that will only filter red light. Vizzet isn't very rare, and it thrives off light. THe more light, the longer it will be sustained. 

"Vizzet Tower is for foreign students and is meant to show off some of Lor's wonders. For instance, this tower was created by an Illusionist, who happened to be a talented architect. He built Vizzet Tower to not be seen by new eyes unless it is mentioned and heard clearly. He was one of Lor's most prided architects and helped to build an empire. But I'm gonna be boring you with history today. 

"Vizzet Tower is also for first year students at Opunwarudo University. There are four seperate floors, each designed to test your skill level and see where your are limited and where you excel. Each of you will be given a written test, a mind over matter test, and a hand to hand test. You'll be broken down into two temporary groups of five. Each gorup has a name: Coyotes and Wolves. Each group will rotate on all of the four floors until every test is complete. Then you will return to your geust dorms and the results would be in after a day or two"

Jakill raised his hand. 


"Do we get to choose which group we'll be in?" 

"No. Each group is based off your skill genre. Coyotes are for mentally and physically swift fightershunters, non socialibles and spontaneous attackers, Wolves are for logical, smart and like to be in a group." 

Jakill nodded. "Ok." 

"If you go over to that wall," Tetris continued, pointing to the wall opposite the door, "then you'll find your assigned groups and test schedule." 

They walked over and read the sheets of paper that had been skewered onto a board. 
















"Makes sense," Margeret said. "Some os uf are more socialible than others so we'd do better as a pack. Whereas coyotes are kinda loners, no offense," she added, glancing at those bes hideher. There were a few mumbled "None taken" as they each stared at the group they'd be in. 

"Alright! Those of the Wolf group, you will start out with Malkolm, and the Coyote group will start off with Faspian," Tetris announced. 

"Excuse me," Edgar spoke up. 

"Yes?" Tetris said. 

"If you live here, why do you need to take the tests with us?" Tetris opened her mouth to speak, but another voice cut in. 

"Because all first year students, resident or foreign, need to take the tests." The owner of the voice was tall with hypnotizing blue eyes. His red tipped hair was black and went a little above his shoulders. His red cloak billowed out behind him as he descended the stairs. His voice was strong and authoritive. 

"I am Malkolm, Head of the Senshi Department of Laikrin,"