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So I asked to borrow Hiccup's Map for a bit so I could... update it. Here's what I came up with!



^^ New Version ^^



^^ Current In-Game Map ^^


This was havily based on the Race to the Edge map and Grimmel's Map from Httyd: The Hidden World. If you look closely at the map Hiccup uses in the third movie, it has a lot of icons that is located on the Race to the Edge map. When placed on top of Grimmel's Map you can see they line up to give a decently coherent map.



Dark Deep, Dragon's Edge, and Berk are the most notable icons to follow. The location of New Berk can be logically placed far west because of the line Grimmel gives in the third movie. "Night Furies can't survive long flights in the cold so they wouldn't head North. They would want to keep distance between them and their enemies so they wouldn't go East or South. They would need stops along the way, which means they would go..." "West". Past Dragon Island.


Other islands like Vaniheim you can clearly see located on the RTTE map, so no explanations are needed there.


The locations I listed below I placed for the following reasons becuase of various names given on the Race to the Edge Map:


Titan Island - Legendary Wing Island

Auction Island - Dragon Hunter Island

Impossible Island - Dragon Vine Island (located near the Rookery on the map)

Icestorm Island - located outside the Wilderness headed North


Glacier Island & Scuttleclaw Island - there are two snowy islands placed below Valka's Island on the map, which could be these


Armorwing Island - On the Dragon View of the RTTE map there is an Armorwing dragon placed by Dark Deep. Seemed logical to put it there since the Armorwing centric episode had Snotlout, Astrid, and Hiccup flying back to Berk.


Zippleback, Mudraker, and Eruptodon Island - there are various islands like Speed Stinger Island located East of Dark Deep. While there are no small islands to connect them to, that place seemed to be a logical place to put them.


Hobblegrunt Island - A friend of mine @WhispertheWolf and I theorized that Hobblegrunt Island could also be called Skullian Island. Skullian Island (the island where Hobblegrunts live based on information in Rise of Berk) was the long cresent shapped island near the Isle of Night. In the books Skullian Island was a skull and crossbones shapped Island home to pirates. Due to the proximity of that island near the Isle of Night, that is where I put the Hobblegrunt Island on the map.


Hope you enjoyed! This was really fun to make if anything :D


Happy flying!


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Oooooo - thank you!

We can apparently edit our posts now! I hope you enjoyed my map!


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And maybe even more places to explore. The only RR ones I would request are grumblegards island and the island the golden dragon lives respectfully at the moment since most of the others already consist of other islands we already have. By the way, we do have new lead developers so now I am a little anxious and worried if we will get anything new.

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Love the new map


Hey!  Really great map!  I love it way more than our "I guess an island could go into this empty spot here" map.  I also loved how you refered to the other canon maps as a source for your map build.  This looks really nice.


If I may, I do think there might be some minor tweaks.  However, before I start, I do wanna say that I will be going more off character dialogue, and less off the officals maps (since the two give two very different pictures).  So, while your map is great compared to canon maps, mine will be more based off the things said (though using maps a little bit too).


Dragon Island/Helheim's Gate-  Based off a map shown in the first movie, and the sailing time discussed, I would hypothesis that Dragon Island would be a bit closer to Berk, and more near the school.  I would say that it might be near "The Lookout" / "Training Ground" names, or perhaps just South of the "School of Dragons" name.  I say this because they can sail back and forth pretty quickly (as shown in the 'In Dragons We Trust P1' final).  In your map, it is roughly as far as the Edge, which Gobber says is a week's sailing distance ['Rumber on the Edge'](though, admittedly, he was in a one-man ship at the time, which might be slower).  {Though, I do want to make a point of the fact that your map is WAY more accurate than the SOD one on the island's location.}


Icestorm Island-  This is the fault of the SOD canon, but I believe that Icestorm Island would be almost at the top of the map.  As discribed in the game, this is a place that almost never gets light, and is always freezing cold (I forget the quest, but they make a point that it gets a lot less daylight than Berk/SOD).  It is probably real close to the North Pole.  Now, admittedly, there is a major probelm with this.  Timeline wise, they find it before the end of 'Defenders of Berk', and, in the start of 'Race to the Edge' they say they have never left the Barbaric Archipelago, so I have no idea how this all lines up.  However, based off its extreme climat, I have to assume it is more north than The Edge, and has to be pushing the map somehow.


Dark Deep-  Now, I want to start by making clear that this has nothing to do with your design choice.  This is compeltely the fault of the canon map designers for being...less than smart.  Your Dark Deep is exactly where it should be for the canon map.  However, based off dialogue, I can only assume that the canon map is wrong.  In the episdoe where they first find Dark Deep, Fishlegs makes a claim, saying this will be one of their longest flights yet (if not their longest).  However, if it is in between Berk and The Edge, then there is no way that it could even possibly be their longest.  Also, if they were flying to and from Berk at all, they would be forced to fly right over Dark Deep, making its discovery extremly easy.  (Again, this is not your fault, but the people who made the canon map's fault.)


Glacier Island-  The gang first goes to Glacier Island in the second episdoe of "Race to the Edge".  This is before they leave the Barbaric Archepeigo, so its position on the map should be a lot closer to Berk.  I would actually guess it would be somewhere near where Icestorm Island is currently located.  


That's all I've got.  Again, not trying to tear apart your new map or anything.  I love what you did, and I accept it way more than our current SOD map.  


Have a great rest of your day!








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So Many Things

Hey there!

Oh don't worry, while making the map I've had many, many, many questions and grievances about the "canonical locations" of the various islands placed. Glacier Island is highly one of them. However to keep my map as canon oriented as possible for the film's sake, the Race to the Edge map had Glacier Island placed far up the map, thus is where I placed it, along with various others.


Same with Dark Deep at times. It's a huge island, thought to be the "birthplace of the Gronkles". If it was that close to the other islands they've discovered, they would have seen it. Especially in the episode dedicated to the riders finding Dragon's Edge in the first place. If we are to think they flew from Deathsong Island, over to Whispering Death Island, they would have for sure seen it, even if they didn't know what it was.

If you want to get into some of the inconsistancies I've found; on the map there are the the islands of Breakneck Bog, Fireworm Island, and Eel Island farther South, all of which were found in the shows Riders and Defenders of Berk. The Rookery as well was found within the "mist of the Archepelego" (which we will just call the "mist" for simplicity sake). Same with the islands of Thor Rock, Sunstone, and Cresent Island, which on the RTTE map are placed farther than Dragon Island.


Based on the positions of all these islands on the RTTE map, they are all outside the mist or really close to it, based on the position of the "Ship Graveyard", which to me is the border of where the mist lies, and beyond that is where the newer islands were to be discovered. (If you look West of Breakneck Bog on the RTTE map, you will find a little island called "Odin's Respite", which is home to the Buffalord. The insanely rare thought to be extinct dragon. Which is placed within the mist proclaimed borders of the archepelego... maps. I'm telling ya.)


I will agree with you on Dragon Island. I could have placed it closer along with Helheim's gate. Especially if you look at the first map in the first movie, it doesn't seem that far. Even for ships sailing together in formation, it took them I want to say a couple days to get to that mist surrounding the jarring rocks.


Icestorm Island is tricky, depending on what you want to go off of. If we were to go off of biome locations, a lot of islands would be switched around for the tree growth they admit, the various rocks found there, and the species that inhabit the island. So I just went off the most likely place it would be as far as a "timeline" goes for game vs. the show. I've always thought the riders would have discovered Icestorm Island as they began their search for other places in the archepelego, so it would have been closer to the School Island than father out.


Thanks for the feedback! I love to discuss how I made the map the way I did with those who want to listen. This map was simultaniously great fun to make (I have a love for cartography in real life) and a pain to make because of canoncal inconsistancies. However, if that is how the creators made it, then that is how it shall be.


Happy Flying Friend!



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Deathsong is my favorite dragon

nicely redesigned, I hope the current map will change and there will be more islands as there is no island - Defenders of Wing

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Bumping - just this once

I don't know how this will work, if it even will work, but I'm hoping the developers at least see this ^-^


I'm not asking of anything, but I'm just quite proud of this and wanted to share it once more.


This will be my only "bump" of this post <3