Game is sooo glitch-y right now

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There are a couple things going on.  I will make a list. 


1. Thawfest Maze at New Berk??? It's not at Old Berk.  And it is not acting like a portal at New Berk.  I just run through the blue beacon to the other side and it does nothing. 

2. Treasure chests are not real.  I can run straight through them and am unable to click on them for anything. 

3. Ummmm.. Cookie quests? I am currently receiving cookie stable quests from the Snoggletog event. What? 

4. None of the Training Grounds activities are working.  I've tried to complete Fireball Frenzy and a Flight Club level and I go through the whole thing just for the finish screen to freeze.  I get the music and the cloud background but everything else is BLANK. No score data, no buttons, nothing.  I have to close the whole game just to get out of it. Which also means I am stuck on a quest as I cannot complete the request to play a round of Fireball Frenzy. Thunder Run has also pushed me out of a race, saying you are unable to race at this time please come back later.  I only tried once on that so maybe it was a one time thing but the way everything else is acting I doubt it.  Have also not tried Dragon Tactics yet.  I am scared to.


Please look into these. I can provide further information if need be.  Just getting the general problem out there. Thank you. :) 



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Oncoming Event/Update

Well, considering we're being teased with Thawfest, be it an event or update (or both, but then that's being optimistic lol) this is normal. The game always goes a bit haywire for like 3-4 days(maybe a week) before the update comes out. Probably on Thursday/Friday. Or maybe next Monday. I dunno, their teaser timeline has been a little unpredictable as of late. 


I'm still not getting these glitches though, like I've got the thawfest red banners around the New Berk fountain but I haven't seen the balloon or thawfest maze sign yet, and I still have the eternal winter. lol Either way, it's probably whatever they're working on that's making things glitch out, especially the racing since we've gotten new race tracks for all these events, that's a given by now. Much as it may be irritating it is a sign it's coming. *little woo-hoo* 


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Lol.  Well they need to hurry

Lol.  Well they need to hurry it up because I literally cannot do ANYTHING. Even the eel blasting game glitches. >:|

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   Hmm... I haven't been able to get in new Berk- So I haven't experienced New Berk problems- Or Training Ground problems as of now. 



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