Game crashed 3 times within 10-15 minutes

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As the title said, SoD crashed three times. Twice it was the "Server Call Timed Out", and the other time, it was "The Game Failed To Track Your Progress" or something like that. (I was doing a quest at the time, Idk if that had anything to do with it or not.)  *Shrugs*

It was just kind of annoying since I'm trying to get as many medals as I can right now.

So...  Yeah. That's it.  :T


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Jax and Oceanbreeze


A funny thing that happened to Fastfire, Jax's first dragon



Oceanbreeze by Speedyleaf


Sunset by AndreaEaston



Galaxy the Cunning Kyte by Lissafish

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Welp, make that 4 times in 12-17 minutes...   >:T

Also, while I was doing the "Beach Baby" quest, the ground where Fishlegs stands became non-solid, and the scauldron and Fishlegs both teleported somewhere above the map. It happened twice. I had to go out, then come back in to Scuttleclaw Island for them to re-appear.

It was annoying...  -_-

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Yeah... Tis is indeed annoying. I have been logged off 3 times within 4 mins, it could be worse though. I've also been having problems with the battles. Well, good luck to you!


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*Screaming death noises*

I have been getting nothing but server time outs today.


Open shop, server time out.

Change dragon, server time out.

Find Snoutlout's helmet, server time out.

Change maps, server time out.




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Those aren't crashes, just so you know.


Seems like either you or the servers have some connection issues. Make sure that your internet connection is as stable as can be.


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At least you can get in the game. I get server time out when I try to get in the stables! I even reinstalled it. My internet connection is great too. So I just been using my phone and sometimes it still crashes on me. I am not giving up



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It's your internet

Server timed out has nothing to do with the game itself but internet connection between the game server and your home internet. 


Here's something you can do:


[1]Check your internet connection. Especially your "Ping" speed to the server. Just test your ping to Canada/USA if you don't know where the server is, a ping higher than 300 will means you can get disconnection easily.


[2]Try a wired internet environment instead if you are able to, wireless can be unstable sometimes.


[3]Turn off Multiplayer Mode, that helps a lot on solving connection problems.