A Galaxy Racing Suit!

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I was about to race earlier but then my game decided to troll me by closing itself (lol).

So then when I came back in racing, then I saw someone's outfit like this:

The person's profile glitched out and gave a very beautiful Galaxy design glowing from a bright blue color along with sparkling stars on it.

I raced with the person and saw that her armor was perfectly normal. I hide the name to not make that person being called as a hacker when she is not. I sometimes see glitches like those on other players but only white colored or simply just disformed. It seems to only occurs in TRR (it also happen outside but when other players glitched their armor. But the gold and red-black armors are hacks)


I have to admit that seing such a glitch like this one on someone's armor is pretty surprising! Also... very beautiful! It makes me wanna get a Rare Skin like this for a certain dragon! xD




*cough* Stormcutter *cough*




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That would be a cool skin

That would be a cool skin for any dragon! Like just for the underside of wings, that would be awesome!



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I had my armor glitched like that last week... it's a combination of the Flightmare School Jacket and Alpha Toothless Armor. I have to agree, it's pretty cool. :)




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Being a galaxy nut with it being a HUGE aesthetic of mine, makes me want to try glitching my own clothes lol.



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There used to be a skin

There used to be a skin glitch with the masks that I knew how to use. I could take one mask and make the color transfer to another.