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Hello there everyone! I am a new Viking joining forum. I've been playing the game for a while now and I want to post some fun glitches that I found while playing the game. 

( a baby triple stryke has appeared )

( it even flew with us )

( don't mind me in the back )

( jumped into something )




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Aww the baby is cute! And the

Aww the baby is cute! And the rest are really funny!






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If CAPTCHA will ever let me post...

Here's some for you.


Poor scouldron. But it does look like a face with glowing yellow eyes.

So, went to talk to Fishleg's... And he was levitating!

Now I'm levitating!

He's still at it.

Went to my stables and what do I see? A grumpy skrill.

Gonna get  utterly soaked.


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Inside the hidden world!!

(didn't say which :P)





Miss Saddlehead.. 



I learned how to levitate.. but i'm not okay




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I also had that glitch with

I also had that glitch with the saddleS XD

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Like when your dragon craves

Like when your dragon craves move out ... to leave ... it's going hurt when this happens :(

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