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Hi, guys! I've been meaning, for a while, to post detailed descriptions of my OCs, so that I can put links in my signature to them, for people to read up on if they want, but I just haven't really got around to it. I've finished writing up on most of them, except for their backstories, so, I just finished Lyvra and I thought I'd post her. Please enjoy, and also, please do not reply to either of the below posts. Thank you! :)


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Art of my Viking, Frytha, and my Sand Wraith, Sapphire, by the talented Duckei! :D


Sapphire, drawn (left) by the talented Alicornbrodie, (right) by the fantastic DatOneTrumpet! Thank you!!!!! :D <3


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Lyvra Winterborne
The Timid Healer
Her title was given to her because of her shy nature and her extraordinary healing abilities
100 lbs
November 28
Lyvra has glossy black hair that goes half-way down her back, which is always put up in either a side braid or a bun. She has clear violet eyes and very soft, rounded features. Her eyes are almond shaped and slant slightly upward. Her skin is a creamy rose-brown, and she has a double claw scar stretching over her right eye from when she was clawed by a Dragon Hunter’s dragon. Lyvra prefers wearing purples, peaches, golds, and browns, and though sometimes she wears pants, she prefers to wear a knee-length skirt with leggings underneath. She likes to wear soft, furry boots to muffle noise and allow her to move quietly, and warmer clothing as she is very sensitive to cold. Lyvra likes to wear a cloak woven of deep purple cloth and embroidered by her with a black Monstrous Nightmare. Lyvra loves pretty things and likes to braid strands of gold and purple into her hair. She also sticks two hawk feathers she found in the mountains into her braid.
Lyvra is a sweet, easy tempered girl. She can go along with anything and it doesn’t matter to her if plans are changed at any time. She loves caring for people and dragons and hates seeing things hurt. She would help anyone, friend or foe, if they were injured, despite the cost. She is rather timid and shy, and fighting scares her. She doesn’t own a single weapon, much less know how to use one. After her home was destroyed by Dragon Hunters at the age of ten, she wandered the country till Hiccup found her and saved her. She owes him her life, and can’t help but admire him and look up to him. Astrid doesn’t get along well with her because of this and often goes out of her way to show her up and prove herself the better person. Hiccup prefers Astrid, but he greatly admires Lyvra for her placid sweetness and calm. In stressful situations, she is a good person to have on hand. She can be too trusting and believes anything anyone says to the point of gullibility. She also loves art and enjoys making sketches of her dragons. She can also sing as sweetly as an angel. She is more skilled in the artistic zone, and not so much in the fighting one.
Jon Falkgrahn, (DEAD), Afi Hjortib, (DEAD)
Eerika Winterborne (DEAD)
Favorite Color:
Lyvra is fond of the same color as her eyes, loving how bright and feminine it is. It also is one of the colors mingled into a sunset, which are her favorite things to watch
Favorite Food:
Apple cider
Lyvra loves this warm drink pressed from fresh apples and drinks a lot of it at Snoggletog. She loves the sweetness of the fruit and the fragrant smell of the cinnamon.
Favorite Dragon Class:
Lyvra doesn’t have a favorite, as she loves all dragons
Favorite Island:
Lyvra doesn’t have one, exactly, but she likes the ones with warmer climates
Healing, taking care of people, bonding with her dragons, sunsets, quiet rides, art, singing
Adventure, seeing her loved ones hurt, fighting
Healing, understanding people, drawing, singing
Gullible, timid, easily frightened, weak, too trusting of the good in others
Lyvra was born and raised in a village alongside the ocean. She came to love the warm, tropical weather and the smell of salt that constantly filled the air. One of her favorite things was to walk along the beach looking for seashells. Lyvra’s  town became well-known for its amazing herbalists. Most created healing remedies, but some figured out even how to create a poison to paralyze dragons in defense of the ones that attacked them. Lyvra learned from an old widow, Frode Langkron, and it was how she became the amazing healer that she is today. When she was ten, Dragon Hunters attacked her home, burning it to the ground, and stealing all of the potions that Lyvra’s home was famous for. They used the one to paralyze dragons for their own uses, killing everyone in the village. While running away, Lyvra was clawed by a rabid dragon, and tripped, falling to the ground. She and her family were separated, and she hit her head censored a stone. When she came conscious again, the Dragon Hunters were gone, and all around her was death and carnage. Lyvra was scarred for life, not only physically, but mentally. The image never left her mind. Running, she fled, not knowing where to go but away. She traveled for weeks, managing to catch enough fish in the mountain streams to survive. While wandering, winter came upon her. Despite her name, Lyvra hated the cold, most likely even more so because she almost froze to death. Hiccup found her while out tracking a wild Snow Wraith and rushed her back to Berk. After three weeks sick with pneumonia, no one thought that she would make it. Somehow, she managed to recover, but ever after she was weaker than before. Lyvra can’t lift anything heavy because of her long weeks of sickness and gets tired easily. Now, she lives on Berk. She has her own house and works daily with Gothi to create remedies and such. Despite being five years Hiccup’s junior, she still likes him, putting Astrid and her on rough terrain.
Mystique, (Female, Monstrous Nightmare), Symphony, (Female, Deathsong), Crystalline, (Female, Stormcutter)
Biggest Fear:
Having someone di.e on her watch
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