Frustration. And Insult to injury.

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So as most of you are all aware of the bugs from the Halloween event I have been unlucly enough to get hit by everything. So basicly beside some farm animals and trashing all my old halloween decoratins I have not been able to get candy for this event.  Its super frustrating to log in to try to do dailys to have them not work half the time. And on the days that i do I just get reset back to day 1 so I get the minimum of rewards. And sometimes the log in rewards wont work at all :/ So definately no awesome boneknapper for me this year.


But then to rub salt in the wound they put out another candy dragon. So yeah this event has royaly screwed me >.> Thanks SOD team.


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I don't know if that is a glitch. The daily quest reset happens only after you earn the 5th day 100 candy reward. It is likely due to the fact that there is no coding for a second week (6-10+) daily quest, and that there are other ways to earn gems. Try Battle, Farming Dreadfall Animals, Maze (once a day), Dragon Tactics, Racing, and Stable Quests if the Exchange and Daily Quests aren't working for 'yah.


Also to pour some neosporin on the wound, some people have clarified that maybe they will allow us to keep the candy for next year and that's when we can get the dragon. I doubt the Skrillnapper is a one time then it's gone forever thing. Neither is the Dreadstrider. It's okay to be frustrated


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I understand your frustration. You´re not the only one who is frustrated about this money-making machine they call an "event".

But Megabolt Phoenix is right, the dragons are not gone forever. They are bound to appear again sooner or later. Try to pick another item you´d like to have and then try getting that. I personally like the Flightmare shield and it´s comparatively easy to get even without gems.


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I agree with you. I really wanted the Dreadstrider and I'm nowhere close to the Boneknapper. This event seems to be nothing but money hungry. Wouldn't be the first time I've seen a game turn into pay for everything. I've had a lot of glitches as well, finally got my levels corrected but I'm staying away from dragon tactics.


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Speaking of things being rigged, I've sent toothless on the gem stable quest 4 times but every time he's been defeated (how can you be defeated? It's literally just a night time flight Toothless... ) and logically speaking, the quest shouldn't take about 2 days when it's only a night time flight???

I feel like it's because I used the speed up ad twice in a row?



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It's even worse with the "server call timed out" thing lately. I'll send dragons on a quest (e.g Nest Mess or Long Night Flight) and have to log back in and would you know it? The dragons were kicked out of those quests, or replaced by new ones. It's even happened with the candy quests.


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If you use the ad speed up he

If you use the ad speed up he will almost never succeed. I think using the ads will decrease the chance of success slightly.






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So it is rigged! (of course...)

Never had that problem before dreadfall. That's how I made my gems :|

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I always had that problem way

I always had that problem way before Dreadfall. Obviously he didn't always succeed.

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Most people that have the

Most people that have the Dragon are willing to pay a lot of  money to get it and unlike many people I like the idea of hybrid dragons not so much in real life though so far I am 200 away from the death gripper paint and I was very excited about this event when it started and thought I would be able to get it in the first two weeks but oh my gosh was I wrong so many glitches in the first weeks can't log in most of the time so I miss battles and can't use the farm you can't use daily rewards and I am sure gem quests are either rigged or very much broken bc I was doing the lokis maze on and it was at 100% and guess what it said defeated another time I did it at 90% and got defeated really starting to become frustrating but I hate giving up so I will try my best to get at least one Dragon even if the odds are stacked against me 











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WOOHOOOO! Optimism buddies

WOOHOOOO! Optimism buddies unite!



I can always get this dragon next time it comes out. Right now, I have my eyes on this energy sword.


I don't care if it has horrible stats (like some ppl told me), I NEED this sword! I t w i l l b e miiine

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Hope you get it!!!!

Huh to me the swords stats are quite good but it looks even better it's a must have also