Free stable trick ( you need to create new viking !!! )

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Ada Sky
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You need to have fresh viking character, by fresh I mean before recieving second dragon ( from the hatchery ). After you do all stuff you need to do you get teleported to the hatchery. Now instead of talking to Valka go upstairs and you can do two things:

1. Very simple, log off, redeem the "lavaeater" code, log in, go to your stables and hatch the eruptodon then assign it to your second stable slot.

2. Is more complex, go to the stables, click the menu that shows all stables, click on your starter and make it active dragon, now you're able to go out of stables and play, you can do battles and get daily 30 ad gems, basically earn gems for the dragon you want to buy, I earned 500 gems and bought a Skrill takes some time but you get nice derg, now you have your dream dragon simply go to stables and hatch it then assign it to your second stable slot.

Ps. After you leave the game your starter dragon (flightmare, shockjaw, rumblehorn, sandwraith) will be "reset" and you will need to go to the stables and make it active dragon again otherwise you will be walking dragonless.

Whatever did you choose now you go to Valka, do the personality quiz and hatch a dragon of your choosing. Because you don't have any free stable slots game automatically gives you a boulder stable where your new derg goes to. Now you have completely free 3 spots for future dragons CONGRATZ

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Flare ate my subject and Eclipse ate my lunch

Great trick! I wish I had known about it earlier.



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Woah! Yeah I wish I knew this

Woah! Yeah I wish I knew this before hand xD
Yeah nah I don't need this trick for me lol. I play on the mobile app and I watch the video chests. And I've gotten like 10 stables from those! I currently have like 26 spaces for new dragons xD


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                          (drawn by the one and!!)                                                                            (drawn by the "AMAZING" - AMAZIEing!)

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 Art by me (yes I created a new species!                                                  Art by my classmate (Emma) based off mine (it's so magestic!)        


Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 3.39.14 pm.png

Art by my classmate (you guessed it! Emma!) based off mine (it's so magestic!)                        Art by me (yes I created a new species!          



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My dragons: (in order when I got them)

Storm (male adult shockjaw)

Apple (female adult deadly nadder)

Zekrom (male adult triple stryke)

Voilet (female adult thunderdrum)

Nightmare (male adult monstrous nightmare)

Air Slash (male titan stormcutter)

Dratini (female adult skrill)

Sand (male adult whispering death)

Purple and Green (male adult hideous zippleback)

Sunset (male adult silver phantom)

Rocky (male adult gronckle)

Blue (male adult hobblegrunt)

Midnight (female adult groncicle)

Mold (male adult eruptodon)

Steelia (female adult armorwing)

Wolf (male titan woolly howl)

Norway (basically pouncer xD, male adult night light)

Drizzle (male teen raincutter)


P.S. I might've got some genders mixed up cuz there's no way to tell but by memory! 



Main dragons I use:

- Zekrom (my fav dragon out of all, I use him for flying around and exploring, he's also a pretty good racer so I used him as my racing dragon before Norway/Wolf, I also use him for dragon tactics)

- Norway (a really cute dragon, I use him for racing, and for exploring around)

- Blue (my battle event dragon, usually gets me in the top 3, before Blue, I used Sand)

- Wolf (a really cool dragon, I mainly use him for racing and dragon tactics)

- Air Slash (is my main titan, he's the highest level and is the best for using in dragon tactics out of all my other dragons)



Here are some screenies I took of my dragons along my SoD journey!


Zekrom hatched:


Titan Wolf:


Norway being cute:


Triple Stryke reunion:


Zekrom, me and a rainbow:



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I think this trick is good for roleplayers like me, my old oc was intended to have 3 dragons at the start and I wanted to remake her on sod and accidentally found this. Also pc player here, and I don't enjoy ad chests very much because I need to keep everything it gives me which leads to inv being messy and I don't like that. Also they make game pretty easy and I like a challenge ( as you said you have 10 free stables ).

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My subject ended up in the neighbour's toilet-

Ahh okay yeah I get ya, I don't got much time to grind gems or earn them, but I got 30 seconds xD