Free Player and Membership Gem Strategies + MYSTERY STABLE WARNING

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Gem Strats for Free Players and Membership Players!



I love this game very much, but it's definitely true that a lot of it is a cash grab. This in and of itself isn't great, but it is worse when you see how hard it is to get gems as a free player- and then the sheer number of glitches! In my opinion, the joy that comes with riding all these dragons makes it worthwhile, but there are some disappointing aspects to the game.


But the glitches aren't the point. The gems are.


As a player of this game, your goal is probably to get as many dragons as possible. Or maybe it's just to get that one specific dragon you've wanted since you were little. Either way, you're going to need gems.


It's difficult to get gems as a free player, but there are a few methods that will get you gems more quickly.

  • Grind Dragon Tactics, making sure to open as many chests as possible
  • Participate in battle events! I've gotten 50 gems from a single battle event, even at a bronze level. Battle events glitch a lot, but it's still worth the effort.
  • Achievements (I recommend the Flight Club 3-stars completion achievement in particular)
  • Video ads
  • If you have the time and the dedication, buy a new viking slot for 250 gems and go after all the gem achievements again! (Gems count across vikings.) 




You'll see buying the Mystery stable as a part of other gem strategies, but DO NOT. In the past, there was a chest found underneath the Mystery stable (it's quite explorable compared to the other stables) with 300 gems inside that would have made the Mystery stable practically free, giving you the space and another 300 gems to work with. 



I myself wasted 300 gems on the Mystery stable when I was a free player, and I was devastated to find that I had wasted my gems. 


Alternatively, do not buy gems! Buy a membership. A one-month membership costs the same as the 1075 gem sack, and you'll gain access to all expansions, expansion dragons, and gem achievements, making the value WAY HIGHER.


If you get a membership, do EVERYTHING. Take full advantage of it and go, go, go! You can use the free extra viking slot to go through and get all of the extra gem-earning achievements, too, and build up a hefty hoard of gems. Just make a new viking, skip dialogue, get at least 150-300 gems through achievements, delete viking, repeat. 


Buy stables, not cosmetics. Stables are harder to get without a membership than dragons, and you'll find it's really worthwhile to have space for the dragons you get during membership as well as the dragons you might get when your membership ends. Cosmetics are hardly valuable, especially considering the stuff you can get from coin chests.


Speaking of, DO NOT BUY GEM CHESTS. The chances of getting an egg are far lower than you're hoping for. Instead, buy coin chests- still low chances, but a much more fair price for the chances of getting an egg. You can get coins back easily, but gems are much harder to get. Just gem grind until you have enough to buy a dragon. Don't gamble your gems away!


Savor the dialogue on your main viking. The stories are fun and they add a depth to the world that really makes the experience special. Don't gem grind on your main viking! 



Well, that's about it. I hope this helps!! Ride strong and treat your dragons well! <3




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Good info for the newcomers!

Good info for the newcomers! Appreciate
the effort! Although i recently brough the mystery stable(like a few months ago) and still got the gems chest. So i wasnt sure if it either very recently patched (like really really recent), if you dont look hard enough(no accusing because i took really long to look for it too and though oh no they removed it :( until i eventually found it) or if it isnt your first time buting the mystery stable as the chest only appear in the first time you buy it.

Edit: check the wiki, okay you are right, they just removed it not long after i got mine


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No one else reply to this thread pleeeease. OP literally just gave away the only way to get large amounts of gems quickly for free. I personally don't want the devs to fix gem strategies, so best to let this thread stay off the active topics section. Also, OP, you realize the devs removed the stable chests because players were talking about it (like this thread) and the devs found it as an exploit and removed it. If you don't want them to remove all the gem achievements, don't talk about them! I get you were trying to give gem getting tips to newer players, but don't do it by threads. PM them, or use discord or any other form of social media, even the in-game chat, not like the devs ever check it. Point is, don't talk about gem grinding right in front of the admins.


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Sorry for replying, despite you requesting not to, but I want to add a point.
Another EXCELLENT method for getting stuff is by opening chests by watching videos.
This only applies to players with a phone which can support the game.
There is one chest in every major place(training ground, wilderness, school, lookout and old berk). The chest is large and can be opened by watching videos.
You won't get gems but you can get stables and saddles(also stuff like farm decorations and cosmetics).
You can open one box per each place per day, so like total 5 boxes in a day.
I got like 7-8 stables and several saddles which normally cost a ton of gems. You have to do it daily but it's worth it.





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Major apology to everyone here. It was a major mistake on my part to talk about this here, you're right. I hadn't considered the consequences, instead just... idk, I thought it'd help people. I hadn't looked into the ways the devs have gone after stuff like this, so I didn't know. 


It's unendingly frustrating to me to find out that the devs go in to patch the stuff that gives players an advantage, but have hardly fixed the bugs or worked on the features players have been begging for. It really feels like an anti-player game, and I don't want it to be my fault that they get another win over us. 


Additionally, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU CAN'T DELETE POSTS. I would take this thread down in an instant if I could.


Sorry again. If the devs nerf this stuff over my mistakes, I can't say sorry enough. But I hope it can manage to help people before that happens (if ever)! 


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I won't make the same mistake again.


Have a good day! <3