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Hello peoples. I’m not technically “new” as I’ve played this game many years ago after the 2 httyd release. During that time I put around $150 in the game (cause I wanted as many dragons as I could get.) although this time I want to try and do it differently.


So I’m wondering, how far can you get in this game without paying anything? I don’t see anyone really getting anywhere without paying money though. 







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You don't need to pay money to progress in this game. I've seen several people who have forum accounts state that they've never spent money on the game yet they have every available dragon, all the expansions, saddles for their dragons, a nice selection of clothes for their viking, farm, and hideout decorations. Some even have more than 1 viking. You can get gems from battles, stable quests, and the daily reward which has been changed to offer more gems. It takes time, effort, and lots of patience to advance in the game without paying but it can be done.


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You can get pretty far, even beating all the expansions, without having to pay a cent.  Sure, it'll take a lot of participation in the game on your part to earn the gems to buy the expansions, but it is attainable, and many of the players I know have done this.  


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since there r so many new ways to get gems, its alot easier so u can save up gems and buy pretty much everything if u have the patience.

tho, u cant buy toothless/light fury since theyre membership dragons, other than those 2, everything else

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Like others have said, you can get pretty much everything in-game without using real money, except Toothless and the light fury.


ETA: Trial membership will lock the dragons and make them unusable deadweights in the stables once it's over. Definitely not worth the gems either way. 


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You can get the furies with trial membership. I tend to save up coins and gems then get the trial membership so I can get everything cheaper and race with the furies XD I've been playing since Christmas and I've already done all but two and a half expansions, got thirty something dragons with flittIngerman, have five profiles and I don't know what else. :D so yeah, you can get pretty far.


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Thank you all. A few years

Thank you all. A few years ago things weren’t as easily accessible as they seem to be now. I’ll try it out. 

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You're welcome and welcome back to the game! :)

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Aloha I am a subject!

Ya you can get really everything, people are saying you can't get toothless or the Light Fury but you can if you buy the 7 week membership with gems, My tips are
First download it on mobile if you are playing on pc, this makes it alot easier to pop in and out and place dragons in stable quests, also take advantage of watching ads to speed things up, you have a max amount of ads you can watch each day, but the ad caps are seperate, this means you can speed up stable quests, get wool from animals without feeding them, refill all your dragons energy etc. also there are ad chests you can find
For collecting coins use your farm, it is a gold mine if you complete quests, also stable quests are great

For gems make sure to get your daily gems on mobile, on the daily reward screen you have the option to get 5 extra gems, also you can watch an ad and get 10 gems every time the little ad icon pops up, but I've only gotten it 2 times in a day so far, however with this if you where on your final daily reward streak (30 gems) you could get 55 gems in a day, also you can do the outcast raids, however you'll want better dragons of course
Hope this helps!
and welcome back!


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