Free GiF/Banner !! Come one come all <3

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g'day folks, once again i've become really bored and have an ungodly amount of time on my hands so i've deceided to try making custom banners and signature GiFS for everyone !!

check it !!

[ text +  wave#positioning + turbulent#animation ]



Please Read before Enquiring:


  • i will make up to 2GiF's and 2RegText banners for every person... (depends on dificulty too)
  • i use After Effects and clearly i'm no pro- so keep in mind i can only do so much...
  • i accept constructive critisizm!! so if you're unhappy we can workshop something along :)
  • finally i would really appreciate if you did credit me or include my lil' name somewhere if you use my products, as i do put effort into these banners and designs... <3



If still interested please continue reading !!

  please don't reply to this point but the thread below:


Designs include text(optional),   effects(positioning/animation | optional),   images(optional).

the base designs are text or images. All three can be chosen though, example above is text+effects


- the normal project size i use is 600x by 200y.. BUT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING ON UR SOUCES GIVEN.

 if you had something in mind that is 100% fine !! just let me know prior...


- if you want raw footage, include it in your enquiry, or for best quality please pm it though discord

via my tag shinyturd#0002, OR alternatively though a MEGA file+link (if you are able)

this may include dragon videos, other raw videos ect...


- i create OC names, quotes, dividers? or anything you might have in mind per se.

once again you can check the examples shown below...


[ text +  wave#positioning + turbulent#animation + sparkle#animation]



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Hi i'm Infinent !!

 I joined SoD early 2014, left for a bit... But am hopefully back for good now, being 2022 !!

   Hope to see you around some time. <3

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Here i will list what's available and a base for your choosing,

if you are FAMILIAR with basic AE contact me and i will use more effects than provided.


Available FONTS: (text)


  • all the fonts i am able to use are on DaFont, a website with loads of amazing fonts.
  • please take a minute to browse a font from that site and pick which you want to be used.

linky: ​


  • here are the available shadows i can use in my designs.
  • keep in mind shadows are optional, but please choose from below when enquiring.
  •    These Include:    no shadow,    shadow #1,    shadow #2,    shadow #3.

        [ no shadow ]                           [ shadow #1 ]                                [ shadow #2 ]                      [ shadow #3 ]



Available POSITIONINGS: (effect)


  • positioning just refers to how you want the text to move.. 
  • the GIF below is sped-up to provie each an example, GIFs will be 1.2 seconds or about.
  •    These Include:    wave,    fade-in,    blur-in,    explode-in   &    decoder.


Available ANIMATIONS: (effect)


  • animation refers to how the object itself behaves, (done with images/videos also!)
  • below is an example of BOTH animations on text + a raw video.
  •    FOR TEXT, These Include:    turbulent    &    film damage.
  •    FOR IMAGE/VIDEO, These Include  turbulent,   light-ray,  glow,  &  film damage.

 [ for text exclusively ] 


 [ for image/video exclusively ] 


Got Other Source Material?

  • if you want a background image; as seen in the example above... please link it, send it via Discord, or even drive/dropbox/MEGA it to me, the higher quality the better. <3


Actually Enquiring:

- that's everything you have to choose from !! yay you made it to the end of your options..

- to see more options you're also free to look at my siggy for inspo :)


to enquire:

  1. say what you would like with relevent effects "GiF with text and blur-in + turbulent"
  2. (if text is chosen) state the name of the font from DaFont linked above "comic sans"
  3. upload (even better PM me) relevant images/videos you want "clan insignias"
  4. you're done !! i'll get back to you ASAP + you will see your name in the queue.

to send you the finished product, i'll both link it in my reply if applicable, or via a MEGA file...

where you yourself can download it and make it a gif via GIPHY or something.


The Queue: (if this post flops it'll be empty n i'll cry)








[ your's creatively, Infinent ]


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Tracking, for now!

I might enquire about one later :D


New to forum don't really know how it works! I joined SoD on the 15th of July 2015 and am only now making a forum account. :D

About me:

I'm Claire :P I love movies and drawing. She/her

My Favorite Shows Are:
httyd (obviously), marvel,Star Wars,Harry potter and avatar the last air bender!

Favorite Dragons:
Night Furys-Night Lights,Scuttleclaws,Monstrous Nightmares,Stormcutters,Razorwips and Terrible Terrors :]

All drawings in siggy done by me :>

In Game:

Most active account is 

ClaireHGirl. Code- GCJDQU

First account is

Booffa. Code- DFFOV2


Main dragons on ClaireHGirl are Dart Night Light,Eline sand wraith

Httyd and art instagram account :



Siggy under work all unfinished.