Franchise Dragons that have yet to show up: Version 3.0

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I've going to try to make this type of thread a bit more regular/post regular updates on the list of Franchise Dragons that have yet to fly in to SoD (Starting with this coincidental birthday (August 6) /Fnaf's 8th annerversary (August 8) /Sumarhildr (July 21 to August 24?) list.) This comes especially as SoD adds more previously missing species and new hybrids to their roster... and as Rescue Riders and The Nine Realms create more brand new species that could potentially show up after the rest of the RTTE, and Movie species fly into campus. Let's dive right into this list.


Httyd 2:







4 unnamed dragons (these probably won't make it in, seeing as not many people expressed interest in seeing them in game)


Race to the Edge:

Shadow Wing





Small Shadow


Rise of Berk/Live Spectacular/Comics:

Egg Biter




Purple Death



Sword Stealer


Titans Uprising:

Brooding Boltstamper






Rescue Riders (and yes, I still think they could at least use some minor design tweaks...):








Fire Fury



Hideous Heatwing


Piercing Shriekscale


Razortooth Metalmaw

Relentless Rainbowhorn

Relentless Razorwing

Roaming Ramblefang


Sea Gronckle


Silvertailed Ironclaw


Slobber Smelter





(These are only the dragons that have actual onscreen appearances, so any that are only mentioned or only appear as eggs aren't included in this list.)


The Nine Realms (again, minor design tweaks may be needed):


Fault Ripper


Fire Gronckle

Flame Thrower

Flood Fang


Magma Breather

Mist Twister




... Egads! That's a grand total of 70 dragons that haven't appeared in SoD yet! That's not counting dragons that are only mentioned, only appear in concept art, or only appear as eggs. The next big list will be a list of as yet unseen Titanwings, and maybe some thoughts on how they might be different from their Broadwing Counterparts (inspired by Chami's mention that the Titanwing Eruptodon looks more like a living lava blob than a dragon.)


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I hope they add the windstriker, slumberjack or boltstamper next 

but, they should add the light fury/stormcutter hybrid in the nine realms concept art first cuz it is gorgeous 




lets begin

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Light Cutter, or Storm Fury

I personnaly think the Light fury/Stormcutter would be better as its own seperate species.



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Merci for doing another list! I absolutely would adore more spinoff dragons ONLY if some have little design changes especially tracker class and tidal class dragons since those classes are very low in dragon supply. Some of the designs already look fine like the Featherhide, Gembreaker, Flood Fang, Songwing and Zoomerangs however others can work as well.

( BUT it's not realistic for them to give them redesigns since it strays from the original source which has been shown to be something that the SoD team tries to avoid from recently. ) 


I just hope we get the Sandbuster since most HTTYD 2 dragons have became unrelevant over the years and it's one of my favorite dragons in RTTE ( no offense ofc! ). either way it's still surprising to see that there's still so many dragons not ingame still.. just shows how big this franchise really is.