The Four Tribes of Magic--Fanfic by a mythology and magic lover

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Hello! Trying Fanfics and stories is kinda hard for me, but I'm interested in doing it, so fingers crossed this works out.


The rune symbols involved come out of Magnus Chase by Rick Riordan! The rest is going to be kinda close to your average-day magic, but wouldnt be much of a story without different magic. Some of the magic will come directly out of a rp I've been doing with a friend as well (my good friend Rosemerlda). So, for those who have any problems with magic and stuff like that, i dont recommend reading this cause the chapters will have some magic. 

So, enough rambling from me, Its time i introduced the tribes and our main character, Alona.


Runic Tribe: The runic tribe uses runestones from the Norse alphabet for their work and fighting and all around everything else. Often dressed in tunics and trousers and boots so they can use their magic more efficently. They have no designated ruler, rather a council that makes up their rules.


Witches' and Wizards' Tribe: Where the real unleashed magic is. Witches and Wizards arent limited to their magic like the Runic Tribe, but they cannot touch runestones or they could get extremely sick. Some say there's a dragon that forces them to keep using their magic for its benefit, but outside the tribe its just local legend. Often dress in regular clothes, no robes and hats. Sometimes they get as fancy as to wear some gold threading on their clothes.


Shapeshifter Tribe: Where you can find the most crafty of people, some legends say they're descended from Loki, the trickster god, others say they get their powers from a mysterious source in the mountains they inhabit. They can turn into anything under the sun and moon. Clothes are often loose fitting so when they turn back they dont rip them and casual. When nervous, they can sometimes accidentally turn against their will and until they arent nervous anymore and stuck in that form.


Weapons' Tribe: The Weapons' tribe doesnt have any magical abilities, but their artifacts give them their strength. Flaming swords, bows that control the wind, axes that bring rocks from the ground and so many more give the strength to the tribe. It isnt uncommon to see temples with various important artifacts, like the weapons of the gods, around their territory and it isnt uncommon to find people wearing chain-mail armor over their clothing. 


And now our main character:

Alona: Teenage girl with brown hair and amber eyes. Her family history is sketchy because her grandfather went missing years ago and then her brother. She's desperate to be with her brother again, no matter the costs. 


Runestone guide:



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Fanfic: The Four Tribes of Magic.

Chapter 1: A Secret in a Book   Chapter 2: A Secret Rune  Chapter 3: A New World

Chapter 4: A Familiar Face




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Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

A Secret in a Book

Alona was bored, as she always was. Ever since her brother went missing, things were never the same. He always made life more interesting, with his jokes and tendency to stand up for what was right. Once again, she was in the library, trying to find something to entertain herself. The librarian never liked Alona around all the time, thinking she had better things to do and like to get her out of there as soon as possible.

Today was no exception.

"Alona Marie, You've been here for an hour now! It's time you headed home." Mrs. Pine, the librarian said. Alona liked to picture Mrs. Pine as a cranky dragon, just waking up from a nap. "I'll be out in a minute." Alona said, brushing her fingers on the book shelf. "You said that half an hour ago." Mrs. Pine grumbled. "I know. I'll be out soon, promise." Alona said, with no intention of keeping her word. After more grumbling, Mrs. Pine left Alona in peace. Alona smiled as she came up to a  book she hadnt seen before. "The Mystery of Magic." Alona muttered the cover's title. She shrugged. It couldnt hurt. She gathered the other books she wanted to check out and made her way to a reading loft in the corner. However, when she was about to climb the ladder, Mrs. Pine appeared. "Aha! I knew it! You go up here to escape!" Mrs. Pine grabbed the ladder and dislodged it from the loft. "Now, are you going or what?" She snapped. Alona frowned. Mrs. Pine was a lot pusher than usual. "Yes, fine. I just want to check these out." Alona tapped the books in her arms. "Very well, to the front desk and i dont want to see you sneak away again." Mrs. Pine directed Alona away from the loft and over to the front desk. Very upset to leave, she finished her checking out and left. 


Her Step-mother was waiting for her. She always was. "Alona, you took your time." She said. Alona nodded mutely and walked up the stairs to her bedroom. She h.ated her step-mom, and her father for marrying that woman, because she still missed her mom, who d.ied four years ago to a sickness not even the best of doctors could figure out. In her last days, Alona had brought her mom books of magic, and they both read together. Only her mother had understood her wacky antic for constant reading. Her step-sister and step-brother were blaring music from their rooms as usual. "CAN YOU TURN IT DOWN?" Alona yelled. Two heads popped out of two separate doors. "Oh no, the BOOKWORM is back." Her step-sister, Nora, grumbled. Her step-brother attempted to smile. "Sorry, Alona." He said. Alona frowned. She knew her step-brother, Nathaniel (or Nate), was trying to make up for her own missing brother, Mark. "It's quite alright, just turn it down, please." Alona said. Her step-sister slammed the door and cranked the music up louder. Nate gave her an apologetic smile. "Sorry, I'll talk to her. Hey, Nora! TURN IT DOWN!" Nate yelled. Nora yelled something they couldnt understand from her door and the music turned down a bit. Alona sighed and made her way to her own room, at the end of the hall and shut the door. "Finally, alone." Alona said to nobody. She leaped on her bed and started reading again. She couldnt help but be drawn to the Mystery of Magic book and finally set down her m.urder-mystery and started reading it. It detailed long spells and at the end, there was a small pocket. She slipped her hand in and pulled out a necklace with a compartment in the fake sapphire. "Weird." Alona muttered, trying to open it with no luck. "ALONA, DINNER!" Her dad's voice rang. "COMING!" Alona called back, checking the time. 6:00, time for supper already, or the D.oomsday Thirty Minutes, as Alona called it. She ran down the stairs, leaving the necklace as it shimmered mischeviously in the bedroom light. 

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Secret Rune

Unsurprisingly, the family was quiet for half of the meal.

Even more unsurprising, Alona's dad was the first to make conversation.

"So, Nate, how was school today?" Alona's father asked. Nate, who had has mouth full of pasta, just nodded. Alona refrained from scoffing. Nate had been getting what her father deemed slightly failing grades. Ever since Mark vanished, he had been looking at Nate more and more, ignoring the fact his TRUE and REAL son was still out there. Alona turned her attention back to her food, gently scratching her fork on the plate. "How about you, Nora?" Her father's attention turned to Alona's annoying step-sister. "Oh just fine, dad." Nora shot Alona a glance of cockiness. Alona felt her rage burn. It was that "dad's paying more attention to me than you" look. Alona gripped the fork but didnt say anything. "And how about you--" Her dad started. Alona slammed her fork on the table, her rage burning as she shot up. "WHY arent we looking for Mark, dad? You know, your REAL son?" Alona growled. "Alona Marie, SIT DOWN." Her step-mom ordered. "NO. You're not my mom. Why did you leave her, dad and replace her with this...this WITCH. She h.ates me! Nora h.ates me! And you just let them walk all over me!" Alona yelled. " as your mother says." Her father said. "She's not my mom!" Alona roughly pushed her chair out and ran back to her room, only Nate calling for her to come back. "This family is broken!" Alona yelled from her door and slammed it shut with enough force to knock some picture frames off the walls. Alona laid down on her bed and started reading again when the locket caught her attention. It was OPEN. Somehow, somebody had opened it. Alona looked it up and down and picked it up, inside was a single rune:

Curious, Alona brought out her guide to runestones and looked it up. "Gebo...rune for gift." Alona muttered. Why was THAT in the locket? Carefully, she picked it up and it blazed blue. Strangely enough, it seemed to be asking her to make a wish. Alona thought for a second. "I wish to see my brother and bring him back." Alona whispered fiercely. The blaze lit up and she landed on her butt in a forest, DEFINATELY nothing like her home. 

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I have too many OCs. Quite literally. Most of you know that by now, heh.. but I may as well explain my main Viking’s backstory in a crossover with multiple of my other oc’s backstories. Fury's backstory is still a WIP, even though I've had it for nearly 3 years.. XD. I guess that's because I've developed the other characters in this more. For any ideas about my OC/other OCs mentioned in this (like your oc being somebodies sibling, a dragon they’ve met or even them living in any of the places mentioned in this as most aren’t from the original HTTYD, etc), you can be sure to PM me :) also the same goes if you want to note any information about my OC that may have been missed or could be fixed in this chapter of me explaining Fury to y’all, lol. Anyways, here goes…


Fury’s mother led a village (I won’t explain this since it ties into a story I'm working on a little too much XD) and her village had been at war with a Nation (Specifically the Lycan Nation. Which ties in just a lil bit [a lot] more to that story again, so I’m not explaining!) but her mother of course was having her, so the Nation took mercy and waited for the day of Fury’s birth.


And so it only makes sense that the day she was born.. EvErYtHiNg ChAnGeD wHeN tHe LyCaN nAtIoN aTtAcKeD. (it was too perfect for me to not do this, okay?!)  There was a giant explosion inside her mother’s house, and somehow, Fury (who had been hidden from the conflict in the house) survived the explosion because of its blast, which knocked her away from the village as the fighting begun. Who knows what happened in the war, but Fury was never found by her parents, nor the Lycan Nation. Instead, she was found by a Flightmare! The Flightmare, Glacier, was currently Mates with a Wooly Howl named Tundra, and they were deciding whether to have eggs. However, Glacier decided to bring Fury back to her and Tundra’s igloo. Together, the 2 decided that they would raise Fury instead of having eggs, and so they did.

Well, one of them did.


Let’s switch POV characters; meet Logo! Logo is pure blooded Nightfury. :>


Logo was the adopted son of Halfmoon (a dark grey and yellow Whispering Death with green eyes and green Alpha stripes), who was the leader of a small tribe who lived on a beach of ash, corrupted by constant Volcanic eruptions. Halfmoon had been left by his father Fallenstar (a silver screaming death with soft, pastel-blue eyes) to rule his tribe, since as soon as Fallenstar granted him his Alpha powers the elderly ex-alpha had gone in search of The Hidden World. Halfmoon was left with one thing; a shimmering, Jet-black egg that had been found by his father (at the will of a prophecy from his soothsayer, Drago) and left to be raised by Halfmoon. With Logo being the only memory of his father, Halfmoon took out all his anger on the hatchling. During the constant abuse, hidden scratches in places nobody noticed, he trained him to be a murderer.


And so when Logo was only 7, Halfmoon sent Logo to assassinate Tundra’s brother, Stray. Stray had been causing chaos around the place and had even been claimed to be the assassin to kill Fallenstar, after the Screaming Death’s body was found by the Hidden World and the tribe living in the Volcano had nearly been tracked, so Halfmoon, being the leader of said tribe, wanted him dead. Logo went after him at his last known location, Glacier Island. Which is where he saw Tundra. The 2 are nearly identical, except Stray is larger, has a few scars and purple eyes, whereas Tundra’s are green and he has only 1 scar. The easiest way to recognise Stray is the 3 claw mark scars across his tail. Logo took Tundra under cover of night (exactly one night after they adopted Fury, by some circumstance) and was about to kill him when he was reminded of all his years of abuse. While he was hesitating, Logo learnt that Tundra was, in fact, Tundra. Logo, done with this mission as it had failed so bad already, told Tundra not to tell anyone about this and to stay away from civilisation until Halfmoon was dead. He did this not knowing nobody knew who Halfmoon was, as the reason the dragons of his tribe lived in the volcano was because Fallenstar had caused too much chaos after an assassin from the Hidden World had killed his grandfather's own father, who was the Alpha at that time. Eventually the whole dragon world turned against them and they fled off the map, and by then Halfmoon hadn’t been born. So Tundra agreed despite not knowing who Halfmoon was, and Logo left him be, claiming to Halfmoon that he had killed the Wooly howl.


Glacier found out Tundra was ‘dead’, or at least he’d never came back and was in a state. She was depressed for a long while, then eventually a strange Sand Wraith named Heatstroke agreed to help raise Fury with her. Heatstroke was claimed to be the assassin of Fallenstar’s father and banished from the Hidden World, years before. From there he joined a protest against Ray, led by Stray himself. And then he learnt that Stray was the real assassin and he had also been treated horribly by the Wooly Howl. So he found out more information and figured out Stray had been banished from Glacier Island. So he decided to go and live there, safe from Hidden World dragons and the nasty Wooly Howl. Glacier decided to go with it, and so for the next 8 years they would raise Fury in peace, teaching her the Dragon language… I mean did you see the LF and Toothless communicating? There's definitely a dragon language lol. I call it 'Dragontounge' in the Viking language, but in the dragon language it is called ‘Dovahzul’. If you want the real language search up ‘Dragon Dictionary’ (it is from another fandom but, dOn'T cArE. :D

8 Years Later.

So this is where again things get spicy :) Hunters had started to create civilisation on Glacier Island, eventually capturing Glacier herself. The Flightmare called for Heatstroke’s help, but only Fury saw the signal.. and ended up only getting captured as well. R.I.P. 

The hunters didn’t entrap her, though. They decided to use her, and turn her into one of them. Eventually they captured Heatstroke too. Slowly, Fury learnt the language of the ‘humans’, and also learnt to hate them. She was forced to work for the hunters for 2 more years, under the bargain of Glacier’s life…

2 years later.

Logo had finally escaped his father’s clutches within the past 10 years. He had been only 7 when he made the ‘assassination’ of Tundra, so is now nearing adulthood. He now has a mate of his own, Motion (I’m working on these two’s story, trust me it’s wholesome as anything) and now that he’s finally free and Halfmoon is dead, he remembers Tundra. Wondering if he is still alive, and realising now Tundra wouldn’t know who Halfmoon is and is still possibly hiding for his life, he searches the islands for the Wooly Howl. Eventually he finds him, in the company of a group of dragons. At first the dragons throw threats at him, but he explains himself. By this point, he has been over Glacier Island and seen Glacier and Fury. When Tundra asks where they are, he tells them exactly where they are; in the hunter camp. Tundra, Logo and the mysterious group named the DHR (Dragon Happiness Rights. They’re kind of a protest—) launch an attack on the hunters and manage to free all the dragons, and of course Fury, my main oc.


The Art Gallery!


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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A New World

Alona got up, shrugging some grass off her shoulders. Where am I? She thought carefully, assessing the area around her. In her palm, was a smoking rock. No, not a rock...THE RUNE. Alona looked at it thoughtfully. Gebo would supposedly grant her greatest wish, or gift, if the user was desperate enough. She ran her finger down on the symbol, and then let out a yelp of surprise as the rune disappeared in a puff of smoke. She looked around again at her surroundings. If that was true, then her brother was somewhere around here. Alona started walking, pushing away some low-hanging vines to reveal a temple. Alona watched a fox going in and suddenly transformed into a young girl with autumn hair and green eyes and a long, loose white dress. Alona blinked, wondering if she had seen that correctly. She had. A Shapeshifter? But that's only in legends! It's impossible... But yet, here was living proof. The autumn girl gestured with her hand. A white stallion with a boy on its back appeared, trotting along at a good pace. "You'll find the answer you seek in here." The girl whispered and turned into a fox again. Alona looked at the fox, getting a better look at it. It had black tuffs of fur on its ears and a bite out of its tail. This girl looked like a were-fox. "Thank you, Kayla." The boy said. Alona turned her attention to the boy. He had black hair and amber eyes. Alona tried not to gasp, but one escaped her anyway, which was a bad move, since the fox whipped her head around and suddenly leaped and pinned Alona to the ground, snarling.


Alona desperately covered her face and kicked at the fox's gut. She felt something solid hit her foot and the fox let out a pained yelp. Alona scrambled away as fast as possible, but the fox managed to latch her teeth on the collar of her shirt and dragged her back to the boy. She struggled as quick as possible, but to no avail. "LET GO!" Alona finally cried as a last-ditch effort to save herself from the very angry fox. The horse let out a startled whiny and stomped the -ground. "Kingdor, its ok! She's a friend!" The boy yelled. The horse--apparently Kingdor--stomped the ground again and huffed. Alona finally tried desperately to call to the boy--




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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Familiar Face

Mark froze, getting a better look at Alona. "Alona...but how?" Mark mumbled. "A very annoying rune." Alona explained. "Ah. Gebo." Mark said. "How did you know it was Gebo?" Alona asked, confused. "Because you're holding the locket it was in." Mark pointed to the fake sapphire-necklace Alona had in her left hand, tightly grasped. Alona hid it from the inspecting nose of the were-fox. "But where AM I? And THAT'S a shapeshifter!" Alona said, shoving the nose roughly away. "I know." Mark said, so calm it made Alona frustrated. "Where have you been? Our family's falling apart!" Alona cried. Kingdor whinied at her and she gave the horse a frustrated groan. "Our family's falling apart?" Mark echoed in a confused way. "Yes! Dad married another woman and her children are IMPOSSIBLE." Alona snapped. "I see..." Mark muttered in his thinking voice. The fox suddenly turned into a girl again, squatting down next to Alona. "She's pretty. Do you know her, Mark?" The girl asked. "I do, Kayla. Kingdor, Kayla, this is Alona, my sister." Mark said. Alona was pretty confused as to why he was talking to the HORSE, until Kingdor snorted like he understood. Mark nodded. "Kingdor, we can TRUST her, for legends' sake!" Mark snapped. Kingdor's ears went down but he snorted again and bowed his head. "I take it you can understand Kingdor?" Alona asked. "Yes, we developed a link." Mark said. "I see..." Alona said. She got up again, brushing the dirt off her pants. "Alona, come on into the temple. We'll be able to contact the other world to see what you're talking about with our family." Mark gestured inside the old temple and dismounted Kingdor. Alona gulped, but agreed as Kayla turned into a fox and charged ahead, tossing her snout like 'what are you waiting for?'.  Alona looked at Mark and against her better judgement,

She went inside.