Forgot my account password and I can't change it

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Joined: 03/04/2014

I had forgotten my password for my forum account so I pressed the forgot password button, got the code from the email that was sent and put it in. I entered into the account and tried to change the password to something I'd remember but it said to put in the old password so I thought I had to put the code from the email. I was wrong, I put in the code and it said it was incorrect, it wants me to put in the password that I HAD FORGOTTEN so I can change it to a new one that I CAN remember. And I think that in the prosses I might have changed the login password to the game itself, because it won't let me in saying "invalid user name or password". But now I can't even play the game anymore!!!!!  :((


I play on a Android tablet. It ran just fine till this happened (-_-,)



Please pm me if possible.