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I'm not even phased

I'm not even phased honestly.. 

That's not me and the SoD community here knows who I am. 


Do your worst Ergin lol. You still don't know how to touch grass or live a life and it shows, and infront of a whole public audience on the internet. 





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As funny as this is for people who actually know Explodantor, that is not him. Although props to the hacker for coming up with such varied, deeply philosophical language for our hacked player to say, I'm afraid calling himself a "wh*re" 16 times is a bit over the top, even for Explodantor.


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"even for Explodantor" holysht i'm wheezing

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And on today's show of Ergin the Hacker Clown-

Why am I not surprised at this point? 

Vile, but he's done this multiple times.



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Nothing new

In the past hackers go around using other peoples names,or even using there actual Vikings being clowns...old news.

I noticed admins have been on...brynjolf, sunny sage and goonybard, they can all see what's going on...the question I have is what are they going to do about ergin?

They removed his clan and he goes makes another, in 3 days his made over 500,000 trophies and is now in 14th place.

we all know explodantor does not talk this way, nor does he have purple writing chat.



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Some thoughts

Best-case scenario - game gets security improvements for both client/server side, and cheater-amateur kid gets his ban award. Calling him a hacker is an insult xD


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Geebus, this man is going full throttle for some reason now. First its the massive clan and now trying to cause unconventional hate on others. Here I thought his Circus was a soft remedy to his more recent actions XD


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Seeing ergin beg for validation like this using childish and immature means proves he doesn't get much attention at home

dunnoh what he's trying to achieve but I hope he realises quickly enuf that literally nobody gives a f

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Pleaaaaase just report it instead of giving people the attention they want ;_;


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This is awful. I feel bad for the admins because of all the trouble lately. is hard to stop him because if you remove him he just makes a new acount and he can always get on someone elses acount. I think he just wants to be mean, get attention, and ruin the game. I wonder what is going on in his life.


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Hm reminds me of another

Hm reminds me of another person named DaGodofTrees that CONSTANTLY says TREEEEEEEEEE.

Seriously, does he WANT to break the chat? Dang it! I first heard this on Mudracker Island, and thought it was funny...for about the first minute, since he keep doing it over and over and over again.....

@admins, a little help????


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