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So I'm not the only one having this issue but I would also like to adress it. 


Unable to play. I would be brought to the area I chose on the map, yet no joystick or jump button would appear and I'll be stuck on an empty screen with my dragon staring at me. Other players can move around me and I didn't know how. I haven't tried deleting the app because I heard that didn't work, but I'll try as soon as this post goes up. 



After updating my game a few minutes ago, I realized I couldn't get in the game at all. I'm stuck on the starting loading screen which should bring you to the log-in screen-- But it doesn't. It just keeps loading with the Grimmel and Deathgripper advert for the Hidden World expansion. I can't do anything here. 


Anyway, enough of my banter. Time to go try to find a solution.



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yep, many people havn't been able to get on, it's getting bothersom, my problem is that the play button doesn't work for me, it just doesn't let me click it


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Yeah I'm on PC and its stuck on the loading page with grimmel and the Deathgripper


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