'Flying with Toothless' achievement glitch (admins please read)

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Emily Emlock
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Hi everyone. I'm having a problem with the first achievement in the achievement page, 'Flying with Toothless'. In the description of the achievement, it says "Become Toothless's friend". How do you do that? I don't believe that you have to ace all Toothless's flight club lessons, because I have already done that, but I got the achievement called 'Flying with Toothless'. Is anybody else having this problem? Or can anybody tell me how to get the achievement? Thanks.

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Hi there! What you're having

Hi there!

What you're having is a small glitch :) Wich I also have XD

You get that achievement when you first enter the game and "fly" to school on Toothless:) But sometimes it can glitch and it won't give it to you ^_^


I'd ask the devs to fix this but I think they have other stuff to work on for now :D

(Please take away those hacked clans!^_^)


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