Flight School Review - Toothless

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(Please ignore the pictures not fully displaying inside the box as parts of the images are clipped outside which is probably a bug)


This guide is to help prospective vikings who are interested in unlocking any of the hero dragons for use in the Flight club. The guide will run over what you will receive upon unlocking of the hero dragon Toothless.


The cost of unlocking of Toothless sits at a hefty 500 gems but the price is worth it, here is the first thing you will see upon unlocking Toothless. (Excuse the already completion of some levels) 




What is it like flying on Toothless? How would it compare to my dragon? 


True to the film and book of dragons, Toothless has blazing speed and is the most agile dragon with the abilitly to make sharp turns with ease. Another thing that is highly noticible which is mentioned in the picture above, nosediving from high altitude gives significant speed so keep your reflexes on the prowl for the sharp turns that may come ahead.



What are the levels like?


The levels are unique and are not like the regular levels available. The levels are massive compared to the regular levels in order to compensate for Toothless's fast speed which may leave you ending up finishing a regular level in 5 seconds. 


A new feature not shown on any other map is the interactive world. At certains points in some maps, large rock pillars will fall down upon you and if you don't quickly maneuver out of the way you may lose all your accumulated speed as well as lose time.


Even though there are only 5 Hero dragon levels, you will be happy to know each level is equivalent to at least 5 regular levels. These levels are long yet fun.


Another new thing the developers introduced are search missions. Some of the missions instead of flying from Point A to B through loops and circumnavigating obstacles requires you to find a hidden flag. Much like hide and seek and you are given 700 seconds to do so, you can spend this time to either explore the huge map or go straight for the hidden flag.


Visual Example of a Search-Rescue mission. 



Anything else I should know? 


Even though there are only 5 levels, you'll be able to redo all the regular flight club levels on Toothless, the completion of these levels will also as a plus count toward achievements and you'll be able to do them faster and easier with Toothless.


Is it worth the 500 gems? 


Whether it is worth it or not is a matter of personal decision. Unlocking Toothless yields hours of fun and exploration and is a must for all Vikings eagar to ride on Toothless. 




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Oh that was a neat mock-up of

Oh that was a neat mock-up of the Toothless course! Thank you for sharing! (And with more eloquence than I could. I'd be all 'Toothless turns real easy! I want potatoes!')


Also, I do like the search and rescue missions because you can just fly around and do arobatics in the air and find the flag even with 30 seconds remaining and still get a passing score. Not that I did this twice or anything....


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I think Hiccup just facepalmed at me..

I sense a new chapter for my 'Happenings at Berk and the School of Dragons'. This time of me riding Toothless. The super smooth steering got me ._.

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I kept crashing into

I kept crashing into everything because I was overcompensating the turns or underestimating my speed.


I'm really surprised he didn't just dump me in the ocean on more than one occasion xD

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Makes me wish I was a member

Makes me wish I was a member so much @_@ Tooooothleeeess... I'll fly with you someday...

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Soo..all the new levels are

Soo..all the new levels are dimond locked? that really sucks.

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I really want to unlock the Toothless flight club levels but I don't have enough gems. D: He looks really fun, though!


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Cool! ♥toothless!

Cool! ♥toothless!









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If I ride Toothless and he's

If I ride Toothless and he's flying at incredible speed, I will likely crash us both into a rock xD


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wow this is awesome, thanks

wow this is awesome, thanks for posting it! Can't wait to see the reviews of the other dragons


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