Flight school - aging up short wing dragons from level 5 to level 10

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Flight school - aging up short wing dragons from level 5 to level 10 . . .


I always have trouble with the flight school gliding courses. Don't know what I do wrong, but it is invarible hard to get my dragons through the different gliding flights. And, I'm pretty sure it is me having the problems with the course not the dragons.


The only good things have been that I play with my dragons, alot, and then I feed them chicken eggs. I also play ER or FF to gain dragon XP for my dragons. This way, I usually get my dragons to level ten before completing the full set of flights in the gliding courses. But, I feel bad about doing this. And, I'm not sure aging my dragons up to level 10 is helpful!


Can someone explain or give me pointers on the gliding courses. 

One problem is that if my dragon has strong wings, they can literally glide high above the islands but they never pickup the flags, which means a failed course or low score. 

If they have weak wings and/or a big body to carry. . . I cannot get them through the latter courses, where they need to glide for much longer distance, without using ladders to climb between islands 


What am I doing wrong? 


I appreciate any help, advice, suggestions, etc., thank you!!!


Please note, I'm an adult player and been around for a while, so I'm not a New Player; however, I have never been able to figure out how to get my dragons through the gliding courses, so I think it is, very belatedly, time to ask for help.

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A tip

Don't worry. I have trouble with the courses, too. 


Depending on the course, depends on the strategy. The ones where you go from a BIG height, like Show Your Skills, need two things: you need to do the "bobbing method", where you dive and rise (don't dive too much or you'll go below your targets) to increase your speed, and if you can, a Speed boost. With Super Drop, it's one of those where you need to use a Speed boost. With Speed Spiral, I have no idea how to get beyond a B+, so I'm afraid I can't help you there. I basically just avoid the flags and just go for the goal post itself.


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Dragons: (Key: Pink names are female, and blue names are male. Bold names are titans and/or max level)

Monsterous Nightmare (Total: 5, Max levels: 2) Rivu (Starter) (50) ll Nasail (50) ll Fioled (41) ll Fellous (27) ll Roukera (18)

Scauldron (Total: 1, Max level: 1) Deniz (50)

Whispering Death (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Halvard (50) ll Terra (46) ll Azibo (26) ll Rosey (25) ll Snappy (18)

Groncicle (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Glacia (50) ll Icelee (49) ll Frostbite (31) ll Iceland (26) ll Tundra (18)

Deadly Nadder (Total: 4, Max level: 1) Hagedorn (50) ll Tuija (28) ll Eiche (23) ll Buckthorn (19)

Hideous Zippleback (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Rain and Cloud (50) ll Thump and Wallop (29) ll Twist and Turn (26) ll Snare and Trap (26) ll Ash and Snow (17)

Gronckle (Total: 6, Max level: 1) Solveig (50) ll Avanti (26) ll Anaru (20) ll Drusilla (20) ll Boulder (8) ll Rockyroad (1)

Singetail (Total: 1) Hestia (38)

Typhoomerang (Total: 1) Corentine (36)

Eruptodon (Total: 2) Volkan (37) ll Houri (19)

Tide Glider (Total: 3, Max levels: 2) Nereus (50) ll Tethys (50) ll Dionysus (14)

Armorwing (Total: 1) Algar (20)

Deathsong (Total: 2, Max level: 1) Sigrdrifa (50) ll Nidhogg (12)

Razorwhip (Total: 1) Lagi (44)

Skrill (Total: 1) Flugurite (46)

Thunderdrum (Total: 5) Taima (39) ll Donar (18) ll Esen (15) ll Boran (15) ll Blast (6)

Boneknapper (Total: 2, Max level: 1) Morana (50) ll Undertaker (18)

Flightmare (Total: 3) Hoshi (36) ll Toshi (20) ll Akemi (13)

Flame Whipper (Total: 1) Datura (32)

Changwing (Total: 2) Yamanu (27) ll Abuto (13)

Shockjaw (Total: 2) Elysia (32) ll Zapper (10)

Hobblegrunt (Total: 2) Oseye (34) ll ??? (Egg)

Fireworm Queen (Total: 1) Sana (20)
Sweet Death (Total: 1) Beowulf (20)
Smothering Smokebreath (Total: 3) Gavina (17) ll Mack (13) ll Edge (12)

Sand Wraith (Total: 2) Horus (30) ll Bast (20) ll ??? (egg)
Scuttleclaw (Total: 2) Elfriede (16) ll Ernust- (14)

Triple Stryke (Total: 2) Vilhelm (17) ll Alfdis (14)

Raincutter (Total: 2) Cahal (15) ll Yanyu (14)
Deathgripper (Total: 1) Thanatos (20)

Snafflefang (Total: 2) Cattibrie (15) ll Wulfgar (9)

Rumblehorn (Total: 4) Alois (15) ll Alvilda (16) ll Beet (12) ll Basil (11) ll ??? (Egg)

Stormcutter (Total: 1) Gale (15)

Moldruffle (Total: 1) Maze (10)
Hotburple (Total: 1) Bumps (10)
Woolly Howl (Total: 1) Fornost (10)
Mudraker (Total: 1) Stomp (6)
Speed Stinger (Total: 1) Flash (5)

Sliquifier (Total: 1) Arnor (6)
Windwalker (Total: 1) Gondor (5)
Seastormer (Total: 1) 
Ambarussa (6)
Snow Wraith (Total: 1) Seeker (5)
Silver Phantom (Total: 1) Droplet (5)
Night Terror (Total: 1) Moonlight (4)
Terrible Terror (Total: 1) Scout (3)
Timberjack (Total: 1) Fangorn (5)
Crimson Gorecutter (Total: 1) Thanduil (5)

Night Lights- Ruffrunner (13) ll Pouncer (14) ll Dart (6)

Variations (Expansion rewards):
Elder Sentinel (Total: 1) Gerda (18)
Smitten Hobgobbler (Total: 1) Winifred (13)

Toothless (50)
Light Fury (25)

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Teleway thank you for your comments

Teleway. your comments and suggestions are very helpful. Thank you!


Bobbing methods . . . Managing that, although poorly; I guess that means I should practice more . . .  grrrr......hehe!


Speed Boost . . . great idea, esp. as each course is also judged on speed. I've been thinking that the courses are set for our dragons to be able to beat them with practice, but that has not always worked for me. I've not thought about using any additional flying aids; however, since the game offers them, especially for races or fireball frenzy, I should broaden my approach about how to get through the Flight school courses. I will definitely be trying out the Speed Boost.



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Speed Spiral Tip

The trick for Speed Spiral is boost once you start gliding then aim for a crate. Sometimes you will get two items, hopefully it'll be time freezers (or whatever they're called). Continue gliding while trying to remain airborne. Aim for the top of the flags. Be careful not to land on the sea stacks. When you get to the third flag, where the game makes you think you have to land and climb up the ramps, take a hard left. You'll see the next flag on a distant sea stack at nearly the same level as the third flag. BOOST! Stay up enough to soar into the top of the flag and continue to collect the last flag. Then hover to victory! You should get an A+ or at least A- even if you didn't get a crate. Depends on the dragon's speed as well.


I'd place a picture here but I don't know how to add them yet. I'm fairly new to the forum but not the game.


Also, look for parts of the course where you can cut corners or jump off to glide rather than climbing all the way to the top of the ramps.



To me


It's Just a Game...






Have Fun!

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Victory thank you for your comments and suggestions

Victory thank you for your comments and suggestions. . . extremely helpful


If I can ever get through Super Drop, yours and Teleway suggestions will help me deal with Speed Spiral. I've tried hitting a crate on Super Drop, but so far I keep missing them; grrrrr.....trainer error, of course. It's good to know what might be in them . . . time freeze(s), wow; one of those would sure help. And boost when my dragon begins to glide.


Yes, that third island with the ramp has had me confused. The instructions said: glide all the way to the last flag while collecting all the other flags. I will try that hard left and use the BOOST! to hopefully, get me to the end of the course, even if I miss one flag, or more, along the way. I want to learn how to get to the end of the course, and then I can fine tune the bits in between. 


Taking advantage of cutting corners and jumping off rather than climbing to the top of ramps is a good, fun idea. It will shorten the course, the course will be completed in less time and adds to the speed aspect of the course result.


Thanks, Victory, for these great suggestions.