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Fight club doesn't count any rank(A+,A,A-,B+ etc.) It count after exits a track, but when you reopen the dragon class(like toothless, groundsplitter etc.) it vanish but the next track unlock. It suck coz I doesn't count in quest throphies(its quest is add 50 friend, pickup 600 sheeps in Thunder racing etc.)
Pls fix.
Ive reinstall 2x this but its still unfixed

Tnx for the one who'll fix this

Maybe I will post a pick of it.


HELLO! Iam Jellybeamed(ign/ingame name)


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I am not good in racings ant its laggy

the most laggy (fortune fall)

I have few friends in sod

I first played the facebook version of this game and I stop

playing after not knowing how to grow adult dragon lvl 12 baby or teen only

I came back this year (2020) coz I miss httyd


Sometimes when bored I draw but not good


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Happened to me when I was gem grinding. Waited a day, nothing happened, so I restarted and only had this problem one other time. The achievements are glitched as well as Incredible Machine minigame.


Hit them in their wallet! FORCE THE DEVS TO LISTEN!!!



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It appears this glitch only

It appears this glitch only affects the hero levels, and is only a visual glitch. The A+s should still count to your achievements. 






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Having the same Record not

Having the same Record not shown bug. The old records are there but the newer ones just will not show up.

Not only that, there's a more serious problem on the Gronckle and Whispering Death Level where we need to crash into the crystals to break them in order to continue. The Game crashed right away when crashing into the crystals on both dragons making it impossible to complete and get the gold star for these 2.