Flight Club Level "The Twister"

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I've got a question: I played the Level "The Twister" for a hundred times, but I always get A-.

I use Hookfang and would really like to get A+. Does anyone know, how many points we have to get or what we have to do, to get A+?


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Hookfang ate my subject...


I just came back from Hookfang's flight club... You need score 2300, total time max 25 seconds (70 seconds left).

Of course you must pick up everything and fly almost flawlessly... I always pick up left crate, if it isn't time bonus, I restart the level. For me, Hookfang turns too qiuckly, so I don't wear clothes with boosts in this course (because it will make him even more uncontrollable).

I hope it will help you :)