Flight Club erased my progress

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When?: I got 2 A+ in Hookfang levels yesterday (02/05/20) and today they have disappeared



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  That's been happening to me as well. It still saves your progress though. They have disappeared and I still ahve gotten gems from it. 



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Oh boy

This has actually been happening for so long ^^; I don't know if it's been an issue for everyone, but I've given up at this point. I got all A+s with EVERY single one of my dragons in both stages (gliding & flight) and they just keep erasing. Its been about a year and a half. However, I'm more upset about the permanent Flight Suit glitch....




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Happened to me to

Happened to me recently, my Toothless is stuck at A- even if I get a better score and all my other stages dont even show a rank, they disseapear on backing out