Fix This. Fix This NOW.

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This game is cruelly unfair. 


I just participated in a battle event. Although maybe "Participated" isn't the right word. 


I got there 2 minutes late and to my horror, not a single person had fired at the ship. 

And so I did. I battled for 30 minutes straight with no help. After 30 minutes I had single handedly defeated a ship. I was overjoyed. Just look at the scoreboard.


(This screenshot also proves that the scoreboard cuts your actual score in tenths as I should have 9000 points but I only have 1000)


I am the only person on there. I defeated the ship. I'm not lying. 


I was so overjoyed. Until I opened my box...


Somebody fix this. This is cruelly unfair. I just can't take this game anymore. So fix this developers. Fix it NOW. 




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I'm sorry for the anger in this post but you must understand my frustration. I'm only twelve and learning but I know enough to know that this is NOT acceptable.

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Can't Think of a Subject for this

Some things I have to say. One, how could you have battled for 30 minutes? The maximum time limit is 5 minutes and if you joined 2 minutes late, you should have been able to battle for 3 minutes only. Two, the points is NOT the amount of damage you dealed against the ship. Three, you just simply have bad luck. It could happen. There is nothing there to be fixed. It is not the fault of the game. 


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By the way ...

And by the way, at least you got SOMETHING from the chest right? Quite a few times for me, the Chest DID NOT EVEN OPEN. Be grateful that you at least got something even if you don't need it. 

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Sometimes the ship glitches

Sometimes the ship glitches and stands there at the edge of where it is supposed to go out to sea and does not move anymore until it is defeated, that would probably explain how she was able to battle for this long. 

Now to the main post, this is not a bug or a glitch you were simply just really unlucky. And yes be glad that you at least got something out of the battle at least a reward. Some people here including me, a lot, have their chests glitched and the chests don't even open ! Imagine how that feels like. Getting something is better than having a glitched chest that does not even open and you get nothing at all. THAT is a bug that seriously needs fixing x_x




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Well yeah I know of that glitch. But it seldom happens does it?

Well yeah I know of that glitch. But it seldom happens does it? But either way, what you say is true. 

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Cruelly unfair? No.... it's just chance. You cant expect to get something amazing wheneve you get gold. Just try again. This doesn't need to be 'fixed', it's normal. (except maybe there being nobody battling against the ship....)


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Ye we gwt jibt all da time on this gamin.




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I'm sorry

IIm sorry to hear that. Sometimes I has happened to me too. But here's a tip to get god prizes ((no I don't hack,I'm terrible with computers.)) Every time there is a battle you attend,take note of what prizes are where, and what you get, you'll be able to determine the place each thing is in next time. That's how I get gems, look for where they will be. Its something I learned just after starting the game. Warning though, it changes every few weeks, and berserks and noutcasts have a different order. Hope this helps!



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Lol. I actually do pray for good prizes, but not too RNGesus. Lol

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OH D34R..

I actually thought this was a Post Referencing Homestuck.


My Apologies.

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Doesn't make sense?

Many previous comments have stated these points already. You can't fight for thirty minutes straight due to the time limit (unless there's hacking of some kind, which I'm not accusing you of). And the score isn't how much damage dealt. It is based on that, but doesn't make the damage count the score. And it was just an unlucky prize. Happens to me often. If you want a better chance at earning better prizes, you should participate in more battles. The battles take place every other hour on the odd hour (Pacific time zone).


The game is not being cruelely unfair. A better word is "challenging," but that is just the functionality of the game. The point is to participate the best you can, and hope to get a good prize. It's by chance, and the chances may be low. That's how it's supposed to be. It would be too easy otherwise.


I can also find it unfortunate to work hard and get something of lesser value. But I can't blame the game for it when that's the way it functions. I would get all technical with programming and coding, but I don't know much about that. All I know is that the creators made it this way to challenge the players, and not make it too easy.



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