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I've been playing SoD for a few months but I never really checked the forum until just now (': 


So, yeah. I'm new; hello. 


My in-game character is Chrayla, and my friend code is CLKVD3 (if anyone wanted another friend). 

I've been a member of other forums before, so I'm hoping that I'll have a lot of fun on here!











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hello!  i am a artist on the

hello!  i am a artist on the forum. i would like to welcome you! many of these people are friendly!


here you will find updates to Sod, amazing art, and awe-inspiring fan fictions!


Helloooo and Welcome :)






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Thank you so much! 


I've already checked out a lot of the fanart section, and everyone here seems so talented. I can't wait to check out the other fan-creations (: 

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Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy this place! :D


Signature under constraction


Working hard to get this signature even better! 



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Thanks! I'm sure I will, I've already seen a lot of stuff that I really love. 

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welcome to the forums :)

welcome to the forums :) there are many fun things you can do on the forums! Art, adoptables, oc's, fan fictions, requests, roleplays, and even clans. Most clans do their recruiting and other advertising on the forums, and if you're not in one already, it's a great way to learn which clan is right for you :)


I am no longer playing SoD because art and life have pretty much taken over :) Here are a few links I hope you visit:

And here are a few samples of my art (NO STEALING):

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Thank you! 

I'll admit that I've already been stalking the Clan pages trying to figure out which one I'd like to join (': 

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Vikings of Krafla (leader:

Vikings of Krafla (leader: Fleetwing) and Invincible Guardians (co-leaders: me and pepper) are looking for members :) we're just starting out and are doing monthly challenges, exclusive adoptables, and friendly competitions with each other :) check out our clan pages :)

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Sounds fun! I'll check out the pages. 

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Welcome! There is so many

Welcome! There is so many great things to do here, from reading fanfictions to requesting and creating art! You can also vent your SOD problems, ask questions, and make friends! You can even give your game ideas to the Admins, and they might put it in the game!




Welcome to My Sig!


Scroll down to learn more about me and my


fantastic dragons!



I'm very interesting I promise!


Nice to meet you! I am...

-a secret santa present from lxNightxFuryxl



^Thats me!^



^My very official Dragon Training Liscense!^
Created by me, if you would like a Liscense pm me!

My Dragons!



(You should read the info underneath each one, it's interesting!)


1st dragon: Sherbert, Female, Deady Nadder

She's the big sis, the leader of the team. You've never met quite a Nadder like her! She's the oldest, and she knows it too. She keeps all my other dragons in check, while also training them with me. She speaks dragon of course, so she communucates what she knows with the others to make my job as a trainer a lot easier. She's my best friend and my dragon soul. I've never had a more dependable friend. 


2nd dragon: Black Cloud, Male, Skrill

Black Cloud is determined to the end. Ever since Yohann started selling skrills, I knew I wanted one, and after I saved for a LONG time, I knew that was the right choice. He's my most powerful and trusted of the team. He was also turning into a promised racer, until a recent search-and-rescue accident, where he lost his tail to one of Drago's forgotten traps. He's recovering, but he may never be able to fly again. 


3rd dragon: Pebble Tooth, Male, Whispering Death

Pebble Tooth is a good friend. He's a weird little dude, and he spends most of his time, that's right, in the water. For some reason, my dragon only is in the dirt when he has to be and the rest of the time he's getting the dirt off. He's the nutball of the group, and he thinks it's so funny to tunnel underground then pop up and scare my other dragons. Now I have to teach him to mind...


4th dragon: Bean, Male, Gronckle

Now, Gronckles aren't my favorite. I really only got him to complete the dumb quest. (don't tell him that). But I've actually come to love his undying loyalty and his constant need to either snuggle, eat, or take a nap. He reminds me a lot of myself. Natually, he's the glue of the crew, his love and caring for others only getting stronger as days go by. 


5th dragon: Kaya, Female, Sand Wraith 

Kaya is the newest recruit. She is quite the character! I didn't know what to expect when I bought her, Sand Wraith's are so rare. But she has grown to love my other dragons as they have grown to love her. She is known as the baby of the team, but she is quickly losing her softness, and she is determined to lose the title of baby. She's determined, and my best racer. She's still young, and has a lot to learn, but she really looks up to Sherbert. I know with Shebert as her mentor, Kaya will be a great dragon!


She will probably be my last dragon, unless an amazing species comes out. I'd personally rather have a small team of great dragons than train so many dragons I don't remember their names! 

^A pic I made of my dragons! + My OC Maja











{Clan Pride Beyond this



point!!!! :)}

Very proud member of this fine clan!!!!

Created by me, PM me if you are interested in a banner for your clan! 



This banner was created by the incredible talented and creative Ambusher Sauri

















"Ohana means family, and family means nobody 

gets left behind or forgotten."-Lilo and Stitch


Clan Dragon!

Created by our leader, 1flower, (Spyroed). 



The Forgotten Racers

Proud Member

complete with our clan colors! ;-)



:(____End of Clan Pride___:(



Toothless Love:
(I don't own any of these gifs!)

^Borrowed from Treesbane, I thought it was cool!



My adorable adopted baby Gronckle Pedro! by catiedragons

Name: Una (White Wave)

Species: Titain Wing Tide Glider X Sliquifier

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy

Bio: Out pops this cute little girl! She isn't quite sure of her position with you, and fires her

icey cold water all over you, making you laugh. She then edges closer to you making sure

that you aren't going to harm her. She jumps right into your arms and finds a comfortable

spot sleeping in your hands.

Bio and Dragon by Scoubidous. 


Meet Santa:      

And Christmas:  

Credit goes to toothless572


Read below it's very interesting! 

Santa (male) and Christmas (female) are brother and sister, and I adopted them from 

Sirenemoon. They are both super sweet, and I decided they should put their amazing personalities to good use! 

Santa is a really steady flyer and is amazing with kids, adults, teenagers, and every other

form of viking you can find. So I talked to Hiccup, and now Santa's job is to teach new

members of the school how to fly a dragon! (He loves his new job and is very good at it!) 

Christmas is so compassionate and loving! You can never catch her in a bad mood, and she

has a talent of overlooking the differences we have and finding the good in all of us. So, I

decided she would best serve our injured vikings as one of the very first therapy dragons!

She spends her time in the infirmary, whether she is playing catch, chasing lights, or

curling up and snoozing.

(She is very good at her job too!) 

This is Acid, my Arizontia. 

creds to Golden Scarlet


My terrible terror, Nicholas! Creds to SadoMazoCat


This is adopted Nighty Fury, Eden. 

creds to Slyler Smile


My Celestial Soul, a new dragon species created by kimbenoso . Thanks!




And this is Spice! He's my special little Terrible Terror. Allthough he is blind, my other

dragons treat him just the same. 

creds to skyleaf


And this is Bluestar! She is a little nervous around other vikings because her family was killed

in the dark ages. But I beleive, with a proper reintroduction to vikings, she won't be very

skiddish anymore. Once you get to know her, she is fun and playful.


^This is Cobra, my adopted wolf by MidnightMare. He is a strong-hearted, strong-willed,

and strong-souled wolf, which completely contradicts the other side of his personality which is

that he is go-lucky and care-free. He's quite the character.  





^Both made by Sleepyraccoon. Thank You!

^This is my amazing legendary Night Fury named Olleander. I won't bore you with the very

long story it took to get her, but she's amazingly fast, dangerous, and commands respect

from all who meet her. Creds to kimbenoso, for the amazing work on her. Her special

talent is this venom-like acid she can inject into her victims like a snake! But she is loyal,

and she will remain that way.


And this Nightinggale, a Night Flurence adopted from Wutend Bonfire. Some backround information, they are very happy and over-trusting creatures. They are nocturnal scavengers,

but they are very graceful and are always there when you need them to be. 





^This awesome Fluddlebeak was make by GreenCheekedGroot. His name is Bark, mostly

because these things are going fast and I had to thing of a name fast cause I really

wanted him!




Meet Maja, my Night Fury. 

If you are coloring Maja for me, reference below:


^ The Officail Maja!!!!! ^

Lineart by SongOfTheHorse, Coloring by me!!!


This is the original Maja. I owe this work to Treesbane, for creating her. Thank you!

Creds to SkyLeaf


Creds to Scoubidous
creds to mesaprncss
^creds to Autumn5467

^Creds to Duckei


 requested by NadderForever by Skypeoplephoenix732


Creds to Skypeoplephoenix732



This, no offence to the other works, has to be my favorite so far. LOOK IT HOW CUTE!!!

*cough* ok I'm done spazzing creds to the amazing and talented Skrilltheskrill






    By the talented Shedinn. Thanks!

    Gifs of my Fav Disney Character, Stitch!








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    All of that sounds really fun, I'm excited to start doing stuff around the forum. 

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    This is a subject

    Welcome to the forums! Here you can find roleplays, fanfiction, adoptables (Which are drawings people make and give them out to other people), clan recruitment threads, and many more!

    But to warn you, there has been some drama going on in the forums, thankfully it has died down at the moment, but I'd still recommend staying away from those threads if they ever come back up.

    Just remember to have fun and you'll have a wonderful time here! ^.^



    Elijah | He/him


     Mediocre artist | Furry | Forum Funnyman | Epic gamer ecks dee| Worst taste in fictional men you could ever imagine


    This forum is a huge dumpster fire tbh Idk why I'm here aside from wanting to test my patience

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    Thank you for the welcome!

    And also thank you for the warning, I definitely don't want to get involved in stuff like that, so I'll be sure to stear clear of those threads (:

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    Hello there! Welcome to the forums :)




    Made by kimbenoso


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    Hello! And thank you very much for the welcome (: 

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    My Nadder ripped my subject ;_;


    Welcome to the SOD Forums!


    Glad for you to be here. :D


      | Commissions | Requests | Collabs |

    | X| ? |

    [R]Constance by AquaborealisStarGif by Loycee



      - Deviantart (offline) - Request/Commission Journal - Sister - Senpai - Icewing and Friends -

       - Fan Made Dragons/Adoptables -  Rufflewings -  

       | May 15 |  WOF - Disney - PJO - Destiny - Chadtronic - miraculous trash - adrienette forever -  |-/ |

      - Click any image for a link to the artist or their work! If no link, it is mine or it came from Google.


      Image result for marinette gifRelated imageImage result for adrienette gif


      Starlight and Constance 


      Arethusa, my signature water dragon guardian.



      Image result for auburn tigersImage result for auburn tigers

      Image result for auburn tigersImage result for auburn tigers

      Image result for auburn tigers    Image result for auburn tigers

      Image result for auburn tigersImage result for auburn tigers

      Averyn - Lovepool

      Click pictures or text for information on my dragons!

      Image result for walt disney quote



      Image result for fleetwing school of dragons


      "The courage to walk into the Darkness, but strength to return to the Light."

      Parables of the Allspring







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      Thank you very much! I'm glad to be here (: 

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      Im New Too!

        Hey There! I just joined too, i haved looked on the fourms a couple of times but never thought of making a account but here it is my account!














      Why Science why?!!! This Friday I.. have.. to.. take.. a science test the was totally jumped on all the 5th graders! I mean, what the heck school district! Why do you do this to us! *pulls hair out* I was only notified that test would be this Friday, a week ago, and that we would take the test, two weeks ago. At the two weeks moment I was fine because my teacher told us she would let us do the test last mintue. But.. our councler, chose it for this Friday! *screams like a mainiac* And you haven't heared the worst part, its going to be everything we learned from Kindergarden to 5th grade! I don't even remember us being taught science in Kindergarden though! WHAT! And, next week its SBAC! So, if I'm not very active, its because next week the test is on computer, and I might be so exaughsted from it I might not be in the mood to come on.

      Yep, I'm sorry for that rant but I just needed to put out my feeling somewhere.

      Magistream Eggs!


       My Ash Griffion Connor! Can You Click on him?

       My Chorlophyte Dragon Turtle Chorline! Can you click on here?









      Squiby Adoptables!

           Helping Zaytic will be greatly appriceated!     And Kawaiieon too!               Can you guys help out Amelia? Thanks if you do!  Oh and Limereen too?

                                                             My OC!                                                                                                                               Renios my OC! Thanks Autumn5467 for doing him!  

       Meet Raina my newest NF and OC also Renios mate!

      Meet Warave! Davin's (my boy OC viking's Night Fury!)



      Meet Rurple! Adopted by kelcyk123


                                            My newest adoption Nigake from Fairy! Thanks!                                                                     

       Scauldron is PurpleWaves credit to Nova for her! Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                                              











      Thank You Autumn5467 for the HypnotizerDragon,his name is Forrest!Thank you Spy/1flower for my Terrible Terror! His name is Limereen!Thank you amberleaf7 and NightmareRebuff for the Banded Featherlure, her name is Aquagreen!    My Griffion Articuno from ThunderLight19! Thanks!

      Meet Redhite my Minral Oiche from Rasvim1313!

      Meet Deareyes my newest Miniral Oiche Fury Female! Thanks Rasvim 1313!

      My three favorite Pokemon so far!



      Discipline Pokémon

      He's coming to your screen!!



      Lighting Pokemon



      Evolution Pokemon


      Me when I saw Over The Garden Wall one demand (which was Saturday or Sunday) XD And I wanted to watch it but forgot it was on XD


      Alright this place might be spamed with Over The Garden Wall Gifs 


      So I took which Over The Garden Wall Charcter you are and I got...

      drumroll please.



      You are Greg. You are optimistic and are very fun to be around. You make friends with anybody and love make-believe things.
      The Fanatic Stormcatchers!
      And Now.... For The Moment, You All Been Waitng For.. My Stormcutter is..
      This guy, is a little shy fella, but with his siblings, he's not afraid, to speak out his mind, and ask for help, although he has hot-headed moments, there not too bad or good, but sometimes help his siblings see stuff difrently.


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      Hi! Welcome to you too then (: 

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      Toothless was Here

        Hmm I'm thinking about puting a profile picture up where my name is and welcome too you as well!

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      Welcome to the forum! I'm

      Welcome to the forum! I'm Defy and I'm sure that u will find much of interest here. Pleased to meet you! ;)














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      Thanks! Pleased to meet you too (: 

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      Welcome to the Forum! I think

      Welcome to the Forum! I think you will really like it here! There are so many things to do and people to chat with. :D My door is always open if you have any questions or just want a friendly chat :)

      Have a wonderful day!




            HUGE SONIC FAN!            

                                  Like Sonic and Amy?

      Want products like travel mugs,


      phone cases, stickers, pillows,


      greeting cards and more? Well


      you're in luck!Check out the


      link below for some awesome


      merchandise!All drawings


      within the link are created


      by me. 




      The drawings below belong to me and are avalible


      for purchase.




                  A Sonamy Halloween by HFitz-Draw4Life

       Love ya by HFitz-Draw4LifeIt's Cold Outside (Colored) by HFitz-Draw4Life

      Sonic and Amy by HFitz-Draw4LifeBy The Mountains (Colored) by HFitz-Draw4Life



             WarriorsandFoxes                                        Hiccup Haddock                                            Daphira












        My Night Fury Jazzy! She is a protective girl that is ready to jump into action at any moment.    


      Sonic and Super Sonic banner made by me.


      Hiccup and Sonic below made by me.


                                                       Should they get rid of that ChillyDog stand?


















      Me and My best pal Toothless.                                               


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      Thank you so much! I'm sure I'll enjoy my time here (: 

      You have a wonderful day as well. 

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      Welcome to the forum! :) 

      Welcome to the forum! :) 


      t1CK t0ck 8r8k H34DS honk HONK



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      Thank you very much, I appreciate it (: 

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      Welcome to you! I´m an

      Welcome to you!

      I´m an artist, roleplayer and if I can help you with anything, don´t be afraid to send me a pm! :D


      Welcome to my signature!

      I am Sera, an artist and dragon enthusiast.

      I love to draw Night Furys and to do Art Trades - so give me a chance to do both at the same time!

      Please keep in mind I usually don't do requests - I have a day job and don't have much time anymore.

      This is Mondnacht, my Night Fury:


      I have 59 dragons and counting! These are my main ones:

      Majesty, Stormcutter (now has a Cloudjumper skin)



      Ocean, Stormcutter



      Chess, Nadder (best bud for doing Quests)



      Ghost, Stormcutter



      Ninja, Sand Wraith (best racer)


      Leviatha, Hideous Zippleback

      Thor, Thunderdrum

      Doux, Thunderdrum

      Sparktail, Thunderdrum

      Chimaera, Thunderdrum

      Stormdancer, Skrill

      Bolt, Skrill

      Galaxy, Skrill

      Maximus, Monstrous Nightmare

      Icarus, Monstrous Nightmare

      Herkules, Monstrous Nightmare

      Lotus, Monstrous Nightmare

      Damian, Monstrous Nightmare

      Ladon, Flightmare

      Azazel, Flightmare

      Titan, Typhoomerang

      Echo, Whispering Death

      Ignis, Whispering Death

      Terror Noctis, Whispering Death

      Amnesia, Whispering Death

      Amber, Gronckle

      Blue, Gronckle

      Charcoal, Gronckle

      Amethyst, Gronckle

      Ascarthia, Scauldron

      Raindrop, Scauldron

      Cascade, Scauldron

      Pandora, Scauldron

      Ace, Deadly Nadder

      Buttercup, Deadly Nadder

      Vine, Deadly Nadder

      Cataclysm, Deadly Nadder

      Caelia, Deadly Nadder

      Silvermoon, Deadly Nadder

      Stardust, Smothering Smokebreath

      Volcan, Smothering Smokebreath

      Angel, Smothering Smokebreath

      Cinder, Boneknapper

      Mike, Boneknapper

      Nessie, Raincutter

      Leonce, Raincutter

      Phantom, Changewing

      Escarbot, Rumblehorn

      Nickle, Rumblehorn

      Princess, Fireworm Queen

      Snow, Screaming Death

      Nemesis, Tide Glider

      Bubble, Hotburple

      Samantha, Scuttleclaw

      Skydancer, Sand Wraith

      Direwolf, Woolly Howl

      Arctic Storm, Woolly Howl

      Ariane, Hobblegrunt

      Dorie, Hobblegrunt

      Lucia, Speed Stinger

      Crystalline, Groncicle

      Thanos, Devilish Dervish

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      Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your stuff around (: 

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      Heya and welcome! IF you ever need a cover for a fan fic, banner, recoloring or any other photo edit, advice on stuff or just someone to talk to- I'm right here! And - don't believe in everything you see here - sometimes it's not as good as it looks...
      And remeber to post in the right categories!!! XD


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      Thanks! You'll be the first I come to if I need anything like that. 

      And I'll definitely be posting in the right categories, I know how annoying it can get when people don't do that /: 

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      Welcome to the forums:) I

      Welcome to the forums:) I like your Sand Wraith, it has cool colors and I like the name too.


      Korana, Banded Featherlure( thanks to NightmareRebuff for the awesome revamp)

                                                                   My Ferocious Riverfang(made by Rei)


      My OC Amberleaf and her dragon Korana(Drawn by DuskDaybreak, thank you for this beautiful drawing) 

      To right: Ziyou Fen, my Oriental Serpantfang(adopted from NightmareRebuff)

      Gaara, my Sand Wraith(Thanks to SatsuAyaka for the awesome drawing of him)

      Azura, Dream Eater Fury ( adopted from NightmareRebuff)        Zindra, Nightmare Fury (by NightmareRebuff)

      Tarragon, my Greater Banded Geckus(adopted from themasterplan47)

      Nuvola, my Maned Cloudangel (adopted from Muselyn)


      Stormfire and Nightfrost(by Rei)

      Click here to view my other adopted dragons:

      Click here to view my non dragon adoptables:

      Click here to view my favorite fandoms:

      Member of the Snow Leopards(banner by Nessie)



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      Thanks, and yeah I'm pretty proud of my Sand Wraith <3

      They're my favorite so I wanted to make a really great one in-game, I'm glad you like her!