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I was just at the old forum but was sad that I couldn't post on it :( i saw this thread on that forum and thought it'd be cool to see what people think here! So just like the title says, what are your guys 1st impressions of the game? I'll start :D (sorry if this was started somewhere else!)


Since httyd is my favorite movie EVER I got super excited when I saw there was a game based on it. My favorite part has to be when you get your dragon for the first time. I've never seen baby versions of the dragons before so that was cool. And its fun to see how you can do stuff with your dragon and see it grow up all big and strong. I think Berk is really accurate to how it looks in the movie so one of my favorite things to do in the game is fly around see the same Berk from the movie! (it's also fun to shoot unsuspecting vikings while flying around ;) 


so what're your guys thoughts on the game? I can't wait to hear!


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At first i was like 'Oh no

At first i was like 'Oh no this game is gonna be a cheap flunk check that starting cutscene *shudder*'


But I was proven otherwise :p Though the quests are a bit boring, it's overall fun and of course definitely fits the MMO standard - it's addicting, so it's doing it's job right! ^_^


Love this game, I understand it's new and more content will come soon, and I'm really into how games and films and stuff are made, so I'm sort of looking forwards to potential  'behind the scenes' 'how we made this' kind of posts/videos/something ;D


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My first impression

My first impression on this game was "ok, so I'm going to have to buy a dragon or something like that...", but as it turns out, I didn't need to buy one at all! (I'm used to playing DragonVale and other dragon games, you know, the "breed or buy" dragon type games.) Anyway, once I actually started playing it, I fell in love with this game, and I actually said "this is a game I could sit at all day and play", and it really was for me! Now, I have 3 dragons (as seen in my signature).


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I LOVE this game! I have been playing for four months now, and I think its AWESOME! I love that u can chat and explore different places. SOOO fun! I even got my bro and my cousin to play it too :) Btw, if anybody has a question for me, i have a forum- ASK ME! - Tory. Its under movies and entertainment i think, lol. Hope to hear from you all soon :)



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It's got magic

I found this game while browsing the internet searching for related contents to the HTTYD movie and I thought: "Why not?". I played for 6 hours in a row, I really couldn't stop! I think it owns some of the magic the movie (and the TV series) built up: living with a dragon at your side, taking care of it (better her/him), and most of all flying with it, that's amazing.

One sight for all: Berk's plaza filled with dragons and trainers. It reminds me so much the final scene of the movie and makes me feel happy, also if I don't know why.