Fireball Frenzy Score Hacker

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Today I meet one of those score hacker in the Fireball Frenzy. Honestly I'm so ashame with the fact that he's from the same country as I am... (pliss yang indo jng hack yaa pliss >_<) 


A whopping 14001200 in the first minute the game begin? no I don't think so ... 


Turns out he's out in the top "score hack" board 


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Thank you...

Thank you for letting us know.  With all the cheating/hacking going on with the TimberJacks, ThunderRun, etc., we tend to forget that other areas of the game are being cheated in also.  Maybe it's my age, but I just don't understand why some people aren't willing to WORK for what they get anymore.   I don't understand how anybody can be proud of getting something they haven't TRULY EARNED.  How can people be proud of themselves for being a cheater/liar?  

I would send these screenshots into an admin in a pm.  They can get started on taking care of this person a lot faster that way.  And, I am sorry that this happened to you.  Don't worry, some day karma is going to catch up with these cheaters/hackers, and when it does, I wouldn't be in their shoes for anything.  You reap what you sow, and their "crops" are not going to be pleasant.   

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Thank you sirene, of course I've PMed the admin with more details about this player.

What makes me more mad is that he seems to be so happy about that when I wait for him outside FF...   >: ( 

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I am pretty sure I saw him in

I am pretty sure I saw him in the chat last night and he had a timberjack and he was like "join my clan to get a timberjack!"


t1CK t0ck 8r8k H34DS honk HONK



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wow, then we got a really heavy hacker here... I don't have the screenshot of his "timberhack" , but i got his profile which i think shows the timberjack's name.

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Seriously? *facepalm*

Gosh, if this nimrod is ADVERTISING hacked dragons, he's just BEGGGING to get caught.

Hope this bozo gets banned soon.


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Thank you for reporting this

Hi blossoms22,

We are further investigating this issue so we can put an end to all the hacking soon. Thank you for letting us know.

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THANK YOU Brynjolf for responding about this... I've PMed you about this player detail. 

Another player also saw him with a timberjack sometime ago... 

its in this thread : Timberjack Hacker! Spotted 

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a rather pointless comment by me






the multimillion scores are already as obviously hacked as my shiny victini with Wonderguard, but


2 billion

Okay, say theoretically this game lasted for an unlimited amout of time and someone somehow managed to score 200 points every second of the day, every day for four weeks

which, since I don't want to do math at the moment, is approximately 2,419,200 seconds

2,419,200 x 200 = 483,840,000

Not even half a billion

I'm pretty sure that isn't how the fireball game works dhcbhsdjcdsj




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dat math tho





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I think they just put in any number "they" think will make sense (which clearly not the case here).

even with using bombs on every location,  I think it will just maxed out around 50,000 (without accuracy bonus)  

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This is why I do FF with friends




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Gimme a break

For crying out loud! It's a game. You play it for fun. If someone has to cheat to feel they can accomplish something, it's not the game that needs to be hacked. All cheaters earn is scorn from the legitimate players. Nobody envies them for their "h4cking skillz".


But at least it keeps them out of our bank and credit card accounts.


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First TR, then FIREBALL?! What has this game become? A playground for hackers?! (I will always love this game, even if I'm surrounded by people who hack for trophies.)


im starting a new signature lol

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I think the score hack has been there since long ago, but it get worse since the big update.

The high score getting more and more ridiculous. ..

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*Sigh* Oh SoD, why? I love

*Sigh* Oh SoD, why? I love this game with my whole life, as my quote says. The highscores don't ruin it much for me, but it's going up against these odds is what bugs me. Why, oh why. I feel even worse for the support team.

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iya ya bro

di negara kita emang banyak yang ngecheat atau ngehack, malu maluin aj tuh -,- 

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sad reality ....

nyebelinya lagi, dia buat clan namanya "Indonesia Hack" ... kalo mau hack/cheat jng bawa2 nama negara kek...