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This bug is probably the most annoying thing yet that I've encounted yet. know when you get a Fireball Frenzy challenge from people? Well...when I challenge them (for the 5 trophies) it brings me to clouds...yes, just clouds. I don't fo forward or anything, but I can move my dragon from right to left with my mouse. I always exit out of the game, and it does the samething everytime.

Anyone else have this problem? It's been going on for atleast 2 months since I've been back online...and even then also :I



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 Hi iSkye - We’re sorry to


Hi iSkye - We’re sorry to hear that you’re having problems with Fireball Frenzy. Just so we can better understand what’s occurring in your game, could you please answer a few more questions for us? For example, did you raise your dragon to become an adult yet? You can only enter Fireball Frenzy when your dragon is old enough. Also, if you already have an adult dragon, have you cleared your browser and unity cache recently? A lot of smaller loading problems in the game can usually be resolved through doing this. Let us know if the problem persists. Thanks!

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Yes, my dragon is fully grown, and I've cleared all my unity cache and browser.

What I mean you know how people challenge you to be there score? Like let's say...I got 26000 And I wanted to challenge you! I press the button to go to the challenge (for the 5 trophies, if that helps) just leads me to clouds. Yes...clouds. I don't go forward. I can go right and left, but with my mouse. So, I can move my dragons direction with my mouse. So I always have to quit, and it's a bummer because c''s 5 trophies. Hope this helped :)