Fire in racing

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I kinda agree with you but... :/

I kinda agree with you but this isnt over yet, racing, or Fireball Frenzy is suppose to be filled with fairness, its like having a competition, also even if we say that dragons do what dragons do (like firing at people wildly or anything) it doesnt mean that the game need to be as realistic as the movie/series like cheat on race. Im also a HTTYD fans I also actually wants to have the same thing the characters in the movie/series do in competitions. But thats just a film, maybe they make the characters cheating or do anything unfair thats probably for making the audience laugh, or whatever funny. And SoD is a game for people in real life some of us like this some of us not, but my suggestion is shoting must be stop because shoting people in races or cheating in anything is not peace, and makes people unhappy and also shoting others also means that the person that shots doesnt care about the opponents they raced its like making enemy. So still I suggest the shoting must be stopped

Im not pointing fingers or trying to make a fight to anyone this is my opinion for all racers and if Peony still wants to hurt me just so you know she would get dissoriented and blasted with Hazor and Sparko's gigantic undefendable explotions LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL XD

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I have to agree with you now

You do have a point, and I never meant to put this thread up to have people having fights in the comments. But you have a point, it might even take a year to change all coding and comands. Having SoD up and running is hard enough. Now that I'm reading every comment, I'm starting to change my mind. It makes sence you can use it as a strategy, and even in the mivies it's used. If fire was inveted into the game, then it must have been put there for a reason. I don't like to use fire, but I make an exeption when I'm fired at first. It's just annoying when people keep throwing fire at you for no reason at the begining and end of races.

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well i think it should not be placed when its starting the race.i mean. when someone fires at u, u will move ur spot.that can make the shoted person last place of the rac just firing when racing will be fine.JUST DONT MAKE US MOVE SPACE!


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I also agree with dogloven

I agree with dogloven to

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- insert a good point-

what i think they should do is at least let you have a ten second cushion where NOONE can shoot fire so ya know the race starts off and hopefully your spred out enough to where i doesn't work as well. but i agree it IS annoying but if they remove fire from thunderrun, it might lead to some bugs in the actual game when your flying around like idk maybe fire icon appearing where it shouldn't? idk :P but basically i think they should at LEAST give a ten second headstart with NO fire whatsoever. thats my point. thank you. :)



(XD no offense guys!)


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Ha! Got ya >:D

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Feel Da Burn

I don't mind fire during the race.
Sure, it's irritating if you're a few inches away from first place, and you get knocked upside the tail with a fireball, resulting in you taking second instead. But the fire is there for a reason: to help you win. 


Think of it like oil slick. 
Only the oil is actually fire.

I personally do not fire at people to gain an advantage.  Of course, if they target me before the race begins, then I will go out of my way to blast their scales off.

In retrospect, 90% of the people who fire at me before the race begins can't even keep up with me when it does, so I ain't even mad. 

I don't mean to toot my own horn or anything. 
*toot toot*

~ Oh the joy of someone shooting at you before the race begins, and it actually sends you further to the front.~

But my two cents:
Don't get your scales out of place when someone fires at you. 
You still win trophies if you don't come in first. 




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Hahahahaha, it is true when you get sent forward a lot! One time, people were shooting fire so much at me, I was in front of the starting line!! And also true, usually people who fire at me in the begining can't keep up in the race.

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i agree with this. ive been

i agree with this. ive been running into a problem with people shooting fire at me before the race starts in an attempt to get ahead.
i only use fire at the end of the 3rd lap, more like a victory shoot then a cheater one. 


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-about this topic-

actually on my other reason I dont like shoting others is that I could hurt their feelings, I just want peace. Also people shoting at me in races is kinda annoying but whats the point of giving a pay back anyway even though people shot me in races I still won the race LOL XD

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One of my racing rules

One of my racing rules is:


Don't fire at anyone except in two extreme cases:


1) if you put a trap right in my face,because i can't escape it (i really hate this and i don't care if you are an experienced racer,i will fire back at you during all the race so you are warned).


2) if i catch you firing at one of my friends (it happened some days ago when i was racing against Artemiaz [i salute you and it was a real pleasure to race against a skilled racer like you] and an other racer. I was in 3rd position and i saw this "racer" firing at her,i got mad and i fired at him/her during all the race,do don't touch my friends!).


If someone fire at me i ignore but don't touch my friends :C


Aside from this i totally agree with you,firing at players during a race should be disabled.







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Yeah, I must admit; I used to

Yeah, I must admit; I used to fire at people when I got frustrated or my nexxus lagged. Then I realized what firing at people actually did (messes up your handling and makes it weird for the other person). Since then, I've refrained from firing until the end - if at all - when someone is already past the finish line.


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Ban Firebreathing!

The only people who use firebreathing are cowards who cannot race well enough to win without cheating.  When someone shoots at me and slows me down and passes me, I start bombarding them with fire just to teach them a lesson.  Otherwise, I will not shoot a fellow racer because I want to race with honor as tais26 said.


 Yeah, I don't know if this dang this is ever going to be updated.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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What Did I Get Myself Into?

Maybe there should be Shot Limits, like the Night Fury has 6 Shot Limits, once you are out of Shot Limits it takes a Mintue till you can do another 6 Shot again. Not all Dragons have a 6 Shot Limit maybe some have 3 or 5.

Other than that I'm not a Fire Racer, I'm a Hydra Racer of my Clan, but if anyone intends to Fire at me, I may continue on Racing without even bothering to Race you again the next time I come across you again.

It's a shame really that many people that i've once raced, Honest, Trustworthy, Good Sport, and More, many have changed to people that are now Dishonest, Untrustworthy, Bad Sport, and some treat Racing like it's a War. I can hardly Race without people Shooting at me, some of the Highest Clans have a few Members/Elders that continue to Fire because they only want Trophies for their Clan.

I accept people that race like a racer that I knew when I first started Racing in the Old Thunder Run Racing, and if you want the Trophies you better have be a Good Sport, and some to Trust so then other people may Trust you and may want to continue racing with you, and if you make a Mistake be Honest. I enjoy Racing with those who are honest, someone I can trust and has a Good Behavior and Good Sportsmanship.

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I never realized people saw

I never realized people saw firing as cheating. I only use it when I'm behind people, mostly when the race is close. I thought it was like the items you could pick up; that one could use the fire to stall his/her opponent.


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Eeeh.. Guys..!??? O_O


Do you realized that this thread was regarding the old Thunder run..?? Not this new version of racing??

This thread is a very old thread that has been posted in about a year ago or more thats one of the threads that's about the old times of SoD


This one is about the old Thunder run shoting problem.. in the old Thunder run theres a problem with the feature where you are able to shot before the race starts and you kept bumping backwards and forwards, unlike the new Thunder run, you cant do anything but wait and spin around XD

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Funny I forgot about that XD 


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Idea haz come!

Ok, so a good way they could fix this problem, is they give you two choices when you're racing.


1st Option: 

  • You may shoot other players, but you are slowed down when others shoot you.

2nd Option:

  • You are not slowed down by those who shoot you, but you cannot shoot others.

Alright! Give me the controversy! Give me your suggestions! >:D

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*My dragons roasted the subject*

Hi everyone!


I don't mean disregard your idea but, in my opinion, the only way to make everyone happy would be for the game developers to implement game modes:


Two main game modes - Anything Goes Mode and Non Aggression Mode


And maybe there could be options and/or sub-modes like the ones you described.


This could even spark the birth of modes like a tag race (you have to catch a player during a race) or a sheep retrieving race (like the Dragon Games on HTTYD 2)


I personally don't like to shoot people even if shot at, maybe because I didn't learn to race that way, although I'm known to retaliate with box drops and boosters, but usually if people don't use them or fire at me I just race and let the better rider and dragon win.


See you!


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