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Hello! Recently on playing SoD, I finished a quest and got off for a couple of hours to rest. When I got back on, the quest was unfinished? I still had the item I needed for the quest, but it just wasn't complete. No biggie, so I just shrugged it off and completed it again. Then, I upgraded my dragon so it could fly at level 10, picked the colors, and logged off. After an hour or so I logged back on and it wasn't registered as complete... again. The dragon was back to the same colors before but this just irritated me. I don't know if it's considered a glitch, it's no biggie but just wanted to notify. :)


If this was confusing in someway, I can try harder to explain lol


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Me too

That happened to me too. I figured out that if you fly around for about five minutes after you do the quest before you log off; when you log back  on it'll be as you left it. P.S I have the same attitude as you. And I just turned 14. What's your friend code? Mine are CLYP29 and I don't remember the other one :P



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Ohhh, sweet! I turn 14 Marth

Ohhh, sweet! I turn 14 Marth 4th so yeh :3 My code is CTCCDL :3 I'll add you now c: Anywho, thank god I'm not the only one lol