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how did you get up there? i

how did you get up there? i run into an invisible wall when i try


t1CK t0ck 8r8k H34DS honk HONK



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I go up there all the time.

I go up there all the time.


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same here :D


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How do you do that?

How do you do that?


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How did you manage that? I can barley get two feet off the gound on my farm.


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I went up there the other

I went up there the other day.

I fell off and was walking around under the farm!






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ummm....actually, no, I can´t

ummm....actually, no, I can´t go where I want to go, it just won´t let me jump there o.O


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As it was harder and harder to see due to the heavy rain, we found a smaller cave. "Nice!" I said to my Stormcutter. "We can stay here for a while, at least until the heavy rain will stop."

We entered the cave. But as soon as we did, I realized there was something wrong there. The cave was glowing a little! Without any fear, I started to come closer and closer, deeper and deeper into the cave, to find the source of the neon light. I was so surprised when I found it was the Neon Furry! She was badly injured on her wing. Without any hesitation, I decided to help her. I tossed her some fish I had left. She gladly accepted it. I reached out my hand to pet her. She was a little hesitant, but eventually, we became buddies. Later, I discovered she was all alone in the cave. For some reason, her parents abandoned her and never came back for her. Up until now, no one knows what happend - wheather they were killed, or something else happend to them.

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     Recently, there´s been a new trend here in Berk. Everyone owns a Terrible Terrors. Everywhere I go, I can see those small little guys. I was curious what´s this comotion about, so I asked Hiccup. He answered that they are great for training and that their purpose is to use them as an air mail! Now I started to be even more curious, and also wanted to have my own little Terror. SO, the first thing I did was mount my Sand Wraith Pluto and went to the search for Terrors. It wasn´t that hard to find them, but the question was, how to choose from that amount of differently coloured Terrors.

     I didn´t know what to do. They were all so adorable I couldn´t chose just one! I gave up on this idea and returned to Berk. But the thoughts about those Terrors didn´t leave me.

The next day, I decided to go with Pluto for some fresh air. We were just flying freely in the clouds, but Pluto started to be thirsty, so we landed near a river. ,,Take your time Pluto, we´ll have a little break, so you can catch some fresh fish if you´re hungry." In the meantime, I took a walk past the river. Suddenly, I found an abandoned egg! I hurried to save the egg, because it looked like it´ll be drowned in the river if I don´t catch it! ,,Oh my, I´m glad I found you! It would have ended badly for you if you´d rolled all the way down to the river! Why are you here? And all alone?! I´ll take care of you from now on...But wait, I need to show you to Hiccup! I´m not sure, your color is a bit strange, but..can you be...?" I whistled to Pluto and we returned to Berk. I found Hiccup and showed him the egg. It really was a Terrible Terror egg! I couldn´t believe it. I decided to raise him. I had some struggles with it, but Hiccup helped me.

     At last, the egg hatched. But it wasn´t him - it was her! Her colors were just like the egg - orange and pink. I named her Ribbon. She´s a little sweet angel. I feel like our encounter was kind of like a fate. I could feel the bond between us. ,,Come on Ribbon! Let´s begin our training! :)"


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Yeah, it's fun to do that

Yeah, it's fun to do that sometimes :D


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