final httyd movie question (httyd 3 spoilers)

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this has been bothering me so: you know how in the scine where all the dragons are leaving and they are like all the dragons are gone from the earth like they never existed? ok if thats true does toothless go around and colect the death songs submaripers and dragons like that after because i shure did not see any of those it the croud. also if all the dragons outside the hidden world are on berk (explination for earlier question) at the end of the movie where are the warlords getting new ones? 



Thunder (shockjaw)

Sharpshooter (Titan D.  Nadder)

Slushball (Groncicle)

Drill (W.death)

Steelheart (Armor Wing)

Zig and Zag (H. zippleback)

Buzz (groncle)

lavaeater (Eruptidon)

Obsidian (Eruptodon)

Inferno (m. nightmare)

Fireball (singetail)

Stormfather (Titan skrill)

Shard (razorwhip)

Apollo (death song)

Chamomile (prickleboggle)

Nightshade (Flame whipper)

Frostfang (shivertooth)

Stormhunter (wolly howl)

Skyfyre (stormcutter)

Zariel (typhoomerang)

Booomer (thunderdrum)

Frill (hobblegrunt)

Scorpion (speed stinger)

Daenerys (fireworm queen)

Thorn (grim gnasher)

Mufasa (chimeragon)

Dart (night light)

Copperhead (changwing)

AuroraSeeker (tidal glider)

Opal (Deathgripper)

Earthshaker (c goargutter)

Pine (timberjack)

Shieldmaker (bonestormer)

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I think that the only dragons that left were the Berk dragons. Hiccup and the other Berkians had realized having dragons was too dangerous for both parties, so they set their dragons free. I know that at the end, it said all dragons went to the Hidden World, but I think they went on their own time, not when Toothless left Berk. I doubt that the actions of wild dragons are based off of the Berkian dragons.



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Since Toothless seems to be the alpha of all dragons, he may be able to summon dragons to the Hidden World. However, that would cause issues for people like the Defender of the Wing tribe because they need their dragon. I'm guessing he just send out some sort of homing call that most dragons would react to, except ones like the Eruptodon, but I have no idea, really.



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