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1. Catching fish: I'm still having a hard time catching fish (although I already got better). Now I decided to buy a better rod. Is it really worth it to buy an advanced rod instead of an improved rod?

2. Gothis house: So there is this quest, "Danger is my middle name", for which you have to get up to Gothis house and then fly down from this platform. Now EVERYTIME I get near that platform, I jump maps. I can even get to any other part of that house, but as soon as I get to the platform, I switch to another map and there seems to be no way to solve that quest. Is there any secret trick or something?


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1. I have an Advanced Rod on

1. I have an Advanced Rod on one account and an Improved Rod on the second. Honestly, I wish I'd just gone with the Improved on both. They both catch salmon just as well. I'm not even sure why the Advanced exists, as there's very little difference between the two. Just go with Improved.

2. That's weird... I've never had that happened, so I can't help. :/ Sorry.


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Of course, buy!!!!!!

On account of the quest  I do not know. Here excuse. X(  But improved rod worth it. Catcing Fish become much easier. And most importantly comfortable. ;) In general, buy and do not even hesitate. If you want, write me to an account and I'll explain you how to catch the most difficult fish in detail. X)














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1. idk i only have the advanced rod not the improved rod so idk what's the difference


2. i think you have two quest going on, one is the wather thing and the other is first flight dive, but i'm not sure, you should PM the admin



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Thank you all! Having an

Thank you all! Having an improved rod really helpes!


I have already done the weather thing, the first flight dive is the one I still have left and I can't seem to complete it...

I guess I'll PM an Admin about it.

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To go up there you might need

To go up there you might need to complete every quest that you were given by Phlegma and possibly Fishlegs. I hope this helps. There is a second quest that involves the weather thing.


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Subject Zero

As others have mentioned, there isn't much difference between the two rods.


As for the quest i don't know that never happened to me :/






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Number 2

#2 I had that problem long time ago.. I tryed over and over the experiences a weird glitch.  I ended up clearing my unity player and reloaded the big file.  It seemed to fix the problem and worked when I did it again.


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