a few of my tips on how to keep proof of your dragons raceing and ect

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sometimes items dissapear sometimes dragons dissapear sometimes hackers steal trophies it stinks but it happens

i have made a list of things to reamember



1.take screen shots of your items in the store

when the purchase compleate screen comes up take a screen shot be sure that the item is on the display spot i cant upload a ppic of that because i dont have on and theres a glitch where you cant buy things right now


2.take screen shots of your dragons note: be sure that you player name is fully visible and you are in a single player area like the farm (pics may be down in replys later)


3.go to your player profile (click the pic of you above the dragon hunger bar) and take a screen shot again be sure to keep your name and trophies


4.use single player tracks heres my raceing secret (well one of them some i wont share) training is one of the best ways to learn of short cuts and and optimise your speed


5 dont pay to age up your dragon some say otherwise but i say its not worth five bucks for impatince just chop wood and light firepits it only takes me like a houer to get my dragon flying


6.get the best fishing rod you can


7.dont buy novice saddles unless you are absolutely sure you have the cash they do nothing but look good (skrill dosent look that good) and you cant even change the colour they are purely for looks  


8.think very hard before buying anything because i have made sevral regretable purchases and they sting like a wasp


10.join a clan not only are they new friends they also have free gold


11.dont fire at people its annoying and rude and most dont care of your "playing" its still annoying

and if you reading this YOUR DRAGON IS NOT SICK  you know who you are


12.the other players are real people with hopes and dreams just like you reamember this


13.dont feel bad if your not a member or dont use gems your dragon is just as good as theres alll dragons are equal though the stormcutter spamers might change that


14.dont curse its not cool on a kids game


15.sometimes you just need to walk away if theres a annoying player picking a fight with you or a troll sometimes its best to walk away trolls are magical creatures that can be found all over the internet they feed off of your reactions and make you mad for there amusement


16.your dragon is not better than others he/she is equal to all others weather its a skrill, toothless, a nadder or a smokebreath they all are equal just like players


17.make a friend no i dont mean friend a random person or because you like there dragon  friend someone because you have fun


18.clothes are better then saddles the shouldur things hats and shirst work for all dragons not just one then maby get a saddle if you want


19.enjoy life its not all about a race or what you wear just go for a flight relax


20.(the most important one) real life comes first the game is fun but study chores and takeing crae if your self and your pets comes before anything else your dragon can wait he/she will be fine



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this pic is clear proof i have these dragons

take a note at how my name is  clearly there

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this is a perfect way to prove you had the dragon

dragons could a glitch where they dissapear this is a amazing way to prove you bought and raised the dragon