A few farm bugs

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When I was planting crops, one of the seed bags never planted, and so now the bag is just stuck there. Can't remove the plot of land or do anything with it, so now I can only grow 14 crops, and if this keeps happening I won't be able plant anything. D:

There's also a problem I had months back but it's purely asthetic and kind of silly: I have 4 wells on my farm, although only one is functional. Every time I'd try to move the original it would clone it, so I quit trying to move it lol

also not sure if this is intentional or not, but when farming silk from spiders you don't recieve any UDT points, although I think your dragon still gets experience. Haven't noticed this with any other animal.

Thanks for all you do admins :)

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there is a problem in

there is a problem in tutorial in farm it tells me to feed sheep but i cant see the sheep and the sheep pen 

pls fix this

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Yeah the farm crop is a

Yeah the farm crop is a pretty common problem. I have 3 right now. I had more before, but it randomly fixed itself. Then right after I got 3 more. As far as I know, nobody knows this fix. 


I also have a weird 'cloning'  glitch. When I'm rearranging my farm it will randomly duplicate items in my bag. It's kind of fun because I sometimes have more decorations than I bought, but they disappear the next time I rearrange. And I've randomly lost a few banners I got from chests as well as my turtle pond. I am irritated because I spent gems on the turtle but it's not really a big deal for me (I'd rather have access to all my dragons admins!) 





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