a few bugs that the ADMINS MUST READ!

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Okay! Let's get started...


Glitch 1.

I really like the battleship event. But I am not recieving 200 gems at the end, just the box. Now, I would have 400 gems, if I had recieved them. :(


Glitch 2.

I completed my very firs stable-quest, and i can't recieve the awards(see attachment below), because when i click on the "complete" button, the gears won't stop spinning, and I have to reload the game.


Glitch 3.

I can't send my dragons to a new stable-quest, I don't know why. Maybe they should have more energy?


Glitch 4.

I don't know, if this is a glitch, but my farm isn't covered with snow. And i have all my items back!


Glitch 5. 

I have problems with the daily gift. It gave me two box of fish(which I collected YESTERDAY), and it's not seem to give me a box of power-ups.


Anyway, the decorations, this update, the maze: THEY ARE AWESOME! And please add more quests for non-member players too!


I hope the admins will fix these glitches soon:)


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Addressing Glitches

Glitch 1: If you are referring to the 200 Gems that shows when you look at the Clan Leaderboard after a battle, that is a reward for members of the top ranking clan on the leaderboards, though I'm not sure how often it is awarded. The only thing you are supposed to get from a battle, as far as I know, is the box.


Glitch 2: The Stable Quests are broken and it has been pretty heavily reported already, but there doesn't seem to be any response so far.


Glitch 3: Please be more specific about this, if possible. Certain stable quests will only allow a specific dragon species to be selected, some will only allow adult dragons, etc.


Glitch 4: It seems at some point some of the "snowy" areas lost their snow, farms were included.


Glitch 5: I sometimes question if I just waited too long between logins when this happens to me, which makes it hard for me to tell if it was a glitch or just bad timing on my part.


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About glitch 5, you need to

About glitch 5, you need to wait 24 hours to collect the next daily reward. So, for example, if you login on a monday at 6 pm, then the next daily rewatd will be available on tuesday at 6 pm, if you login on tuesday at 5 pm you wont get a reward until you reload the game after 6 pm.