A Few(!) Bugs

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I have 4 bugs and they killing me!


1- For my son, hiccup mission, Heather want 6 blue flowers but I just find only 4 of them and quest arrow show the Heater, not any flowers...


2- A Sickly Dragon mission; Phlegma want 5 mint but I just found only 4 of them and quest arrow again show the Heater, not any mints...


3 - Fixing Mildew's Mess, I answer hiccup's question and I finished that mission and got the baby gronicle but after I don't see any quest... I watch some videos about Icestorm Missions and I see people who have videos can take a lot of quests... But I can't see any quests...


4 - Surveying at night skies, Simple I can't click telescope... I tried clicking telescope in Outpost Island but same resault...


My account name is Archangelus and my character's name is SancakReis.

I use Steam Version and Windows 10


I will insane soon... I can't take any mission. Please Help me!!!



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For Bug #4

Did you try the LookOut telescope? Because that worked for me.








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I did but same resault.

I did but same resault.