The FBF Thread I Did 'Cuz I'm Bored

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Elloou! I'm bored! (Biggest understatement of the century).

So, browsing through the Forums as if I was checking Twitter or something, I had this grade-A idea: 


Imma do a FBF thread.



I- I really don't know exactly, but hey! When you're bored you're bound to have some great ideas, right? 


Kay! So, a lot of mates have Fireball Frenzy as a "don't play minigame in SoD" since most people prefer to earn trophies via Racing (since, let's be honest here, FBF has fame for being more glitchy than Racing).


But for those that want to know the minigame, take it from a girl who really likes accuracy challenges and has been playing for four years now. 


You should really play it.


Aaanyways, here are my tips for those that didn't ask for it and me saying this because I'm out of Thread ideas:


Tip #1: Your dragon can win for you or make you lose 15 trophies. 

No, just because there isn't specific FBF stats for dragons like in Racing (although there should be imo), this doesn't mean that picking a random dragon for FBF is the same as others.


For example, avoid large dragons since they're most likely to block out visibility. Seeing where you're going to s.h.oot is important, kids! Your targets are the shields, not the walls. Medium and small dragons are recommended. Although there are exceptions, like Pouncer; with him, sh.o.oting at targets that are low-placed won't count for your overall score, so keep that in mind.


The best way to know which one you're the most comfortable? Play FBF with every dragon you've got. 



Tip #2: Dummy Vikings are dummy.

^^people who encounter a dummy viking for the 50th time

Another feature in which a lot of people don't like playing FBF is Dummy Vikings. FBF is filled with them. 


I have a tip that I've seen work though? It's best if you start a course than letting the system pair you up in one. I usually wait 15 seconds, and seeing as there's only two people needed to start a game, I usually do get players who'll click the start button. 


Or you can just spam the join a course button several times until the system pairs you with a player who does know where the start button is...



Tip #3: Unagi, my mates. 

Wanna know a real downside of FBF? (besides the ones already mentioned). Courses are random, and there's no way of choosing which one to play unless you play FBF for hours straight.


So! That's what ya girl did. There's two types: Arena and Underground. You'll have to learn both stations and their variants in order to see certain spots where it's best to s.h.o.ot at and which ones you should save fire for later.


Yes, it's not all about s.h.ooting all the time people. Let your dragons rest for a while, sit back, relax, take a Capri Sun or somethin, and then get back at the game where you're sure you can sh.oot targets easily. Why? Here's why:



Tip #4: Accuracy is EVERYTHING.

The key to success ain't having the latest dragon with great visibility or you knowing each course. It's your ability to sh.o.ot the targets like my man over at the GIF is with hitting a cake in midair.


(Seriously thou, those skillz. I'm shooketh.)


So, when you don't feel confident at sh.ooting targets in several stop points around a course, want to know the best thing you can do? 


Nothing. Just stare at your screen like you're watching a movie or- I dunno something, and wait until the game lets you advance. Accuracy adds up to your final score (I think by multiplying it? I dunno I failed Math lol), so it's the tie-breaker for when you're going Head-to-Head with other players. 


Remember this kids!: "Accuracy is the key, or the game will make you weep."



Tip #5: Forget about the sheep, s.hoot the people!

Out of context, this would be extremely alarming. But! We're talking about FBF, so hear me out.


More often than not, people end up aiming at the 50 pts shields because they're bigger and easier to sh.oot. Listen mates, forget the sheep. They're meaningless! They're there to distract you! Aim for the Vikings, now those are the real deal.


Dragon shields give you 500 pts but they're rare to come by. So, if you're on a stop point and see Vikings or Sheep- yeet the sheep, aim for the Vikings.



Tip #6: Time is precious.

Pull off a Gollum and always aim at the powerup shields to have the Clock powerup. My tip is to only use them when you're in stopping points so you have enough time to aim at all high-point shields and earn more points to your overall score. 


Speaking of powerups, remember that Smart Bombs can make you lose accuracy points, so be sure to use them in large open areas where there are loads of targets, or else you can kiss your 15 trophies buh-bai.



Tip #7: Yea- WAIT WHAT?!



This is a glitch on this course that I've seen so many times, and if you even try to score more points, the game is pulling off a worst-case scenario of a "Yo ya trolled son!". Your fire will not respond to where you're aiming, and instead s.hoot out into the virtual stratosphere.



...aand I think that's it. I'll be adding more tips in the future if need be. :)



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This is like, super helpful, I might end up playing Fireball Frenzy again! XD (Has it been glitching? Now that I think about, I still won't be able to play all that much as I have only a two weeks of slower life then I'm super busy again come the school year)


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