Favourite song?

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 I haven’t made threads as recently as I‘ve done in a while.

Okay, so maybe I created threads like a mad-woman (mad-girl in my case) earlier.

So, ANYWAYS, as I was saying, I decided to make a random thread, cause I’m curious to know what everyone’s favourite songs are. I think everyone here is old enough to have listened to a few songs, even if their parents don’t allow them, because THERE MIGHT BE INAPPROPRIATE WORDS in them. (I understand ur pain. My parents only let me listen to acapella because of various reasons but I listen to music- including songs anyway, because I'm a rebel.)

So, what is your favourite song?

Mine is Fight Song.  I also like Disney Movie Songs, because I just do.  (Also because I can sing along, with the voice actor's good/O.K. signing hidng my (insert adjective of your choice here) singing.) 


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I will respond to PMs. I like doing that. But I simply prefer Discord because it takes what- two seconds to send a message? And there's no CAPTCHA. CAPCHA is my mortal enemy. I wish its creator nothing but pain and misery and suffering.

And a small thanks to all the people I have befriended on here. You guys are nothing less than absolutely awesome and have always made my day a teeny bit better. Except you, Liky. You suck. Uwu.

Thanks VicZarSky for creating my favourite night lights. (I never quite liked Dart).



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Tidal ate my subject...

My favourite song is Heroes Tonight by Janji.


Hello and welcome to my siggy!

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Rosepetal- female Deadly Nadder level 22; adult

Warfang- male Armourwing level 11; adult: Got from expansion

Icefang- female groncicle level 10; adult: got from expansion

Erupto- male Eruptodon; level 12; adult: Got from code Lavaeater

Thunderclap- male thunderdrum level 50; TITAN: Got from store.

Gas and Spark- male Zippleback level 15; adult: got from UDT egg

 Alphine: male Wooly Howl- level 50; TITAN, bought from store.

Venom- Speed Stinger- male- level 13; adult; bought from store

Groundshaker- male Whispering death- adult; got from a random chest at the School; level 15

Paradise- female whispering death- teen; got from Explore the Dark Depths; level 6

Wildfire- female Monsterous Nightmare- adult- again, got from a random chest at TG; level 12

Sweetsmell- male Snaptrapper- got from Thawfest chest at Lookout (how was that possible!?); adult; level 11

Seashock- male Seastormer- got from Thawfest Event (first hybrid); adult; level 21

Golden- female Deadly Nadder- got from a Thawfest Chest; teen; level 5

Treecutter- male Timberjack- bought from store; TITAN; level 24

Spruce- male Timberjack- bought from store; adult; level 11?

Shatter- male Screaming D.eath- bought from store- TITAN; level 21

Wildblaze- male Typhoomerang- got from Battle Event Chest- adult; level 11

Moijorg- male Skrill- bought from store- adult; level 13

Pouncer- male NL- got from Summarhildr Event- adult; level 15

Benshu- female Prickleboggle- bought from store; adult; level 22



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Toothless- 21.

Light Fury- 11?



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FOUR NEW DRAGONS: (on my three other accounts in-game, not this one!)

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Eggroaster- Female Fireworm Queen- level 6ish; adult; got from battle event chest.

Skyheart- Female hobblegrunt- level 25; adult; got from store as well.

Earthquake- Male Eruptodon- level 1; baby; got from code Lavaeater too.



Nightscales- Male SandWraith- Level 22; Titan; got from beginning of game on other account.

Sunlight- Female M. Nightmare- level 6; baby; got from hatchery.


MORE TITANS (new dragons!):

Opal- Titan Razorwhip: female; level 20

Meleody- Titan Death Song: male: level 21

Flower- Titan Deadly Nadder: female: level 20


Number of Titans: Nine.




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Basically a list of my current Vikings in-game:


Emma (forgot her full name, probably left this account in the dust).

And tons more, I mostly abandoned most of them to be left in the ruins.


How many stars do I have?: One plantium star




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Aloha Lola

Me, a music junkie: *visible sweating*


Okay, I have favourites across a lot of music genres, so I'm just going to pile them up like this:


Piano solo? Burning by Ludovico Einaudi.

Alternative orchestral? Viva la Vida by Coldplay.

Soundtrack? Chevaliers de Sangreal by Hans Zimmer.

Pop? Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo (no judging).

Rock? High Enough by Dam Yankees.

R&B? The One and Only by Adele

Ballad? Anything Worth Holding On To by Cynthia Erivo

Electro? The Nights by Avicii (rip I miss him)




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My Subject ran away...

Fight song is a very good song! I love listening to it!

As I say in my Signature my Favorite song is 'Hey Brother' by Avcii. I love it because how it talks about siblings and doing anything for them. I love my siblings (even if they can be annoying) and would do anything for them (big words coming from a kinda lazy person! XD)

I also like K-pop songs.(If you were wondering where the K-pop fans are, *Me: Slowly raises hand*)




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My Clan: NightLight Racers


Music•books•drawing•movies/series•Kpop•ARMY•MOA•CARAT•ONCE•PercyJackson•Heroes of Olympus•Trials of Apollo•MARVEL 





Art section. (Thanks to all the amazing artists! :D)

Clovis. Done by ZestyDragonWing. (Thank you! Clovis looks so cool!)


Alyssa. Done by Slargvarg. (Thank you! I absolutely love it!)


Festus. By ZestyDragonWing. (Thank you so much!)


Ymira by ZestyDragonWing (Thanks!!!)


Sandy By Tigerli1y. (Thank you so much!)


My Dragons is order how it is shown in Dragons list.

Deadly Nadder: Dasey (yes its spelled wrong i was young when i named her)

Buddy. Titan Nadder.











(yes i like nadders a little too much.)

Stormcutter: James. Titan Stormcutter

Sweet death: Jo.

Mudraker: Owl

Whispering death. Wild

Groncicle: Storm

Speed stinger: ZAPPED PAST


Hideous Zipplebacks: Sandmonsters 

Fank and Joe.

Bess and George.

George and Martha.

John and Lawless

Montrous nightmares: Darkness



Gronckles: StormCatcher


Armorwing: Arrow

I have Toothless and Lightfury but i'm no longer member so...

Quaken: Smidvarg.

Deathsong: Mellie.

Singetail: Skyfire.

Eruptodon: Hopeful


Razorwhip: Teyla

Flame Whipper: Feu Aile

Triple Stryke: Looma.

Death Gripper: Coal.

Elder Sentinal: Clover.

Hobgobber: Zulla.

 Hobblegrunt: RyanRyeBread.

Nightlight: Ruffrunner

Changewing: Hades.

Sand Wraith: Perry.

ShiverTooth: Locknessmonster.

Hotburple: Crosby.

Shockjaw: Samantha.

Moldruffle: Mozzie

Scauldren: Poseidon.

Snow Wraith: Todd

Prickleboggle: Beckett

Skrill: Jupiter.

GrappleGrounder: Bucky.

ThunderDrum: Coach Boomer. 

Wooly Howl: Amora


Tide Glider: GoldRay

(and i'm still getting more!)

(Yes i like to name my dragons after book and movie characters.)




Now some screenshots. 

Zeus and Jupiter staring each other down. Jupiter left, Zeus right.



 Me and my Best Friend.

 A thread of never being able to see my friends face.
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 trying to match our dragons!


At the Hidden World!

Vaniheim. (they don't like eachother)


Baby Amora.

Teen Amora.

 My clan Leader DragonBornofShadows and my Ruffrunnner and Dart and Toothless and Lightfury at the Hidden World.

This is a very long signature thanks for staying to the end! Well bye! I’m off to do something either actually doing something or just being bored I have no clue!

stay safe guys! 






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My favourite song? Let me see, probably.... I really don't know which one so I will put a list of my favourites:

1. Symphony 9 by Beethoven

2. Thunderstruck by AC/DC

3. Immigrant song by Led Zepplin

4. He's a pirate by Hans Zimmer

5. Grandmaster's Jam Session by Mark Mothersbough (not sure if I spelt that right)

6.You spin me round by Dead Or Alive

7. Ronda ala turka by Motzart

8. Für élise by Beethoven

9. Moonlight Sonatra by Beethoven

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                                                                Me in game:
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My trophy count: over 1000
My battle event dragons: Frenk and Shockerman
My freind code: HC3GNY
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                                          So it's pretty empty.
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My list of favourites changes quite a bit all the time! Here's my list of current favourites in no particular order. I'll cheat a bit since I like instrumentals. People tell me my tastes are a bit unorthodox, though.


Horse- Salvatore Ganacci (I'm obsessed with this clip loool)

The Moon is Disgusting - That 1 Guy

The Fortress - Machine Girl (cw)

Seraphim Sliding Backwards - Lauren Bousfield


Locked - Four Tet

Battles - Atlas

Yeah - LCD Soundsystem

Bees - Caribou

Inspector Norse - Todd Terje

Journeyman - Amon Tobin

Rip Cord - Sweet Valley

Warriors - Too Many Zoos

Sleep Deprivation - Simian Mobile Disco

Cabinet Man - Lemon Demon

Probably End Up in a Ditch Somewhere - Nero's Day at Disneyland


★·.·´¯`·.·★ arт ιѕ нard ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Neo // Engineer, cabbage slapper, crappy artist exteme

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My Deathsong ate my subject again..... >:(



Heroes Tonight-Janji


Never Be Alone-TheFatRat




The Calling-TheFatRat


No no no-TheFatRat


Fly away-TheFatRat








Close to the sun-TheFatRat


Rise up-TheFatRat




We'll meet again-TheFatRat


Rule the world-TheFatRat


Hiding in the Blue (chapter 1) - TheFatRat


Arcadia (chapter 2) - TheFatRat


Upwind (chapter 4) - TheFatRat





As you can see there is a ton of TFR songs


- Yes he is my favourite artist/DJ 


- And yes I do want one of his hoodies as Christmas or 


Birthday present ( maybe Christmas as I am getting a 


Sims™ 4 expansion-his tops aint toooo expensive.)





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A track from the new Haiduk

A track from the new Haiduk album Diabolica [2021]


[death metal with fantasy / medieval themes]







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oh god. oh no

So right off the bat theres a warning because some of the songs do have slightly innapropriate topics but to me its not over the top and even then a lot of it references life and death, mental health issues, and dr*g use (typically in a medication sense) but heres my list:

-Laplace's Angels (Hurt People? Hurt People!) by Will Wood 

-Mr. Capgras Encounters a Secondhand Vanity: Tulpamancer's Prosopragnosia/Pareidolia (As a Direct Trauma to the Fusiform Gyrus) by Will Wood

-BlackBoxWarrior - OKULTRA by Will Wood (I really like Will Wood and I'm listing these by artist, sorry)

-Love, Me Normally by Will Wood

-Hand Me my Shovel, I'm Going In! by Will Wood

-2econd 2ight 2eer (that was fun, goodbye) by Will Wood

-Front Street by Will Wood

-Suburbia Overture: Greetings from Mary Bell Township / (Vampire) Culture / Love Me, Normally by Will Wood


-Touch-Tone Telephone by Lemon Demon

-Cabinet Man by Lemon Demon

-Redesign Your Logo by Lemon Demon

-Everybody Likes You by Lemon Demon


-Literally all of the Hawaii Part ii album by Miracle Musical


-Waltz in E-Major, Op. 15 "Moon Waltz" by Cojum Dip


-Goodbye, My Danish Sweetheart by Mitski

-A Burning Hill by Mitski


-No Children by The Mountain Goats


-Girl Anachronism by The Dresden Dolls




Sorry there's a lot I have a hard time choosing because I am mentally ill /lh




"'But I'll tell you what I'm not afraid to die. I'm more afraid of what might happen first. Either way it's not like we'll get out alive. I can't say that I know which one is worse."

-Jimmy Mushroom's Last Drink (Bedtime in Wayne, NJ) by Will Wood and the Tapeworms


Basic Info

Name: Moss

Gender: Fluid (they/she/he/xe/it)

Player Since: ~2014ish


I'm neurodivergent, so I use tonetags to get across points. If you use them it'd be very appreciated!

DM me for info on art commissions or art trades!


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Good to see someone else who unironically likes Lemon Demon!

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Two Trucks

-deleted because it sent twice-

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Two Trucks

I don't trust anybody who ironically likes Lemon Demon

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That is very very fair.

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My dragon sat on my subject

Natural by Imagine dragons


Welcome to my Siggy!

current dragons:


Deadly Nadder-Thorntail-Adult


Sand Wraith-Sandstriker-Baby



Username: JessTheEpicGamer

Friend code: G73JCQ


Dragon I created online:


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My subject spontaneously combusted

well, i listen to... well mostly K-pop but i think STAR by Loona is my personal fav



Hi my name is danshu


My in game name is ChuuofEden now because SoD told me that my old name was invalid


I really enjoy racing and love all dragons!!


here are some random facts about meeeeeee:

- I love LOONA!

- I like to read and write stories

- I have a roleplaying charcater called Ginny who can control water

- I say random things at random times

- The Percy Jackson films suck but the books are good (ok less of a fact and more of an opinion)

- I could not live with out music

- I am an absolutly TERRIBLE artist

- My friends say i am not intimidating


Main Dragon: Pouncer (Night Light), Hollyblaze (Light Fury (In game name Light Fury))


All Dragons: Daishan (Sand Wraith), Tidalwave (Sand Wraith), Echofrost (Deadly Nadder), Ronny (Groncicle), Schwarzenegger (Armorwing), Pouncer (Night Light), Steeltrap (Deadly Nadder), Bifrost (Woolly Howl), Frostfire (Woolly Howl), Icebones (Skrill), Brightsoul (Singetail), Venomtwirl (Triple Stryke), Nithryth (Whispering Death), Stormwind (Chimeragon), Augury (Hobblegrunt), Hollyblaze (Light Fury (In game name Light Fury)), Anok (Night Fury (In game name Toothless))

Apologies if anything is spelt wrong beacuse i cant speeeeelllll