Favorite songs form HTTYD2

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My favorite song I gotta say is where no one goes




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Where No One Goes, and the one Stoick sang to Valka :D


Its kind of unique, because most of the cartoon characters have perfect voices, and then Stoick and Valka are like saying that we can all sing even when our voices are horrible, but atleast were together and inlove. ^_^


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I actually really liked that!

I actually really liked that! because it felt like two relatable human beings were singing their feelings to each other, rather than some star behind the scenes :o


I really liked Stoick's Ship as well, but I didn't get a very good earful of it when I was watching the movie itself because something...else...was happening at the moment. 

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wow, hard one

where no one goes and the dancing and the dreaming :D



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“DAD!?” He yelled. Stoick jumped up in shock

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“Even with one foot he is still that fastest person on the island.” Stoick chuckled.  Once he got there he knocked on the door. Astrid opened the door with a smile. 

“Hello Stoick, please… come in.” she said while opening the door wider.

“Hi Astrid, Do you know what’s up? Hiccup is awful…. Energetic this morning.” Astrid smiled

“When have you known him not to be energetic?” She laughed.


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My two favorite songs are

My two favorite songs are Into A Fanasty and Where no One Goes.


Into A Fanasty

Personally I feel as if Into A Fanasty is a song for Astrid and Stormfly's relationship.



Where No One Goes 

And Where No One Goes is for Toothless and Hiccup.



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Where No One Goes, Beyond the

Where No One Goes, Beyond the Clouds, Flying with Mother and Dancing and the Dreaming. :)



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Actually Beyond The Clouds

Actually Beyond The Clouds isn't made by anyone from Dreamworks, it's made by Two Steps from He-ll

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Tough choice...

...not really.XD


Flying with Mother is my ultimate favourite when it comes to 'graceful flight'. :D


Others include:

Where No One Goes

Together, We Map the World

Dragon Racing

Stoick [Spoiler] [Spoiler]

Stoick's Ship

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My all time favorite song is Two New Alphas and Stoick saves Hiccup




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I had chills when Together,

I had chills when Together, we Map the World started playing in the movie theater.  For 30 seconds HTTYD became a Ghibli movie and I was in shock.  So beautiful.  Also the first minute and 30 seconds of Hiccup; the Chief is gorgeous.  And of course so is the rest of the soundtrack.  It's too hard to pick a favorite. 




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I love "Flying with Mother" and "Stoick's Ship" <3 But I like too "Where No One Goes", "Into a Fantasy" and "Stoick Saves Hiccup" :'D



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Where no one goes and flying

Where no one goes and flying with mother c:

Flying with mother just does a good job portraying the scene so well ;_;