Farm/Quests Problems...

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maxine o doingy
Joined: 12/23/2015

     Hola! To whoever at SOD HQ is reading and figruing out to fix this, Thank You! Im not sure if this helps but my computer is a Mac and i play on the SOD app thing.

     First off the quest, 'Loom and Doom', I cant complete it. I was supposed to recive a loom frame from Phelgma, and then diliver it and the loom stones to Hiccup. Except when i clicked on Phelgma, she didn't give them to me, and now it keeps telling me to give what i don't have to Hiccup. When i click on Hiccup, he says i need the Loom Frame and Stones, but Phelgma still won't give them to me... 

     Secondly, certain things on my farm aren't working... My wrinkly's cauldron, which i recived as a prize from a battle event doesn't work. It won't tell me what the prize will be, and it won't let me turn in the produce it asks for. Also, my treasure trove dissapeared with the message 'Check your inventory for your prize' but i never recived any prize...

    Hopefully at least the quest thing can be fixed.. sorry if my descriptions weren't adiquate... Thanks!