Farming with Zion *facepalm* (or consider it as my screenshot thread)

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Yep, I know that Mud had this post too but I made a new viking slot yesterday and my thoughts from farming as a boring thing to do turned out to a very fun thing to do- in case you own a nightmare that is- either way, let's meet the actors of this one:

This girl is Elixse, and her white Nightmare- Zion. I have a feeling that the brunette is planing something evil but that's okay, I am safe with my teddy here... teddy?

Now that we've met- zion wanted to do a big lick in face, which didn't go out too well... snot in face? thanks... Anyway: after that, our actors had a break- but Zion could not go to sleep with Elixse next to him:

Zion: "I know you are here..." At least that's what his face was saying...

Either way: Zion kinda got his head stuck... or maybe he wants to be a Whispering Death?

On an unrelated one: I was so close...

And this is where we get to know that she is both Monstrous Nightmare, both Whispering Death- and even a Changewing...

Either way: farming realy is fun, at least with Zion! xD

But now that I am done with the posts, and the actors are all done- I guess it's time for you to wait another exclusive movie:

"Farming with Rosethorn"

Main cast: Rosethorn, Inna, and some background people (maybe)...

Update: 26.10.2013

Back on days when he was a young crocodile... errr- dragon I mean...

On this one Zion got kinda tired and got rest right next to the fire...

Of course- I read mind... (did I mention I love Bucket... a lot...)

Also- I hope they make this like a hidden pathway or something cuz it looks interesting..


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Nightmares are adorable when

Nightmares are adorable when they try to help out around the farm. XD Bastion helped me harvest my toothache plants before going to nap in the sheep pen. I think I have the screencaps around somewhere...


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I know right? You should post

I know right?

You should post them- I bet It's gonna be fun! x3

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Eager to start with the

Eager to start with the harvest!


Look at how dainty he is with the plants. Such good form.


Getting a little sleepy now...


And after helping plant the next batch of crops, out like a light.

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Balanced Dragon?

Don't you just love how Nightmares look when they sleep? It's almost a yin-yang symbol~



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Those are some good

Those are some good screenies! ^_^

Such farmers our Nightmares, are, such a farmers... (In an old elderly voice!)

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!! You have a pumpkin

!! You have a pumpkin head?!


Hey, can you possibly take a close up of that? My cousin always calls me a pumpkin head(he has down syndrome) I love him! (x

well its more like: "BANESSA PUMPKIN HEAD! AHHAHHAA" 

you dont have to though!



And cool screenshots! -- both of you!

Zion is a cool name(:

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I think I might have accidentally started a small trend. XD


Zion and Elixse seem like they're enjoying themselves. As for pretending to be a Whispering Death, it's possibly the best attempt I've seen so far. XD


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(Just joking...

(Just joking... xDDD)


Haha- he's a good Whispering Death, isn't he- I should be proud of his wonderfull acting skills! ^^

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Inferno is so adorable he loves sleeping in the chicken pen! Or on the top of my barn. I hope they 1. keep this feature/glitch, 2. they let us have a use for our dragons following us around other then collecting the eggs, wool, and plants (although that is a useful feature especially when I can't find it)

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I know right? They are so

I know right?

They are so cute! :3

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More screenies

Allright then- I decidet I'll show you my screenies in comments not update it, so here we go:

Living with Rosethorn:

Okay, let's start with an intruduction shall we? The dragon is Rosethorn- I am not sure if it's more Rose or Thorns, the second one makes more scents tho. And the viking girl is Inna, a "nerdy person that loves to "eat" books and study".

Now: let me get this straight: you're next to an eel- and your not screaming in fear?

Also, I kinda got stuck, but I don't think she cares...

Some are familiar to this but for the sake of Thor, let me fish!

Those legs are giving me creeps...

Get off me... please?

At first I was like: what's with the chicken, untill I remembered I had bought a new one...


And yes- that is the same person, I changed Inna's clothes for a little while (I often do that,)!

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Cool pictures! ^^

Cool pictures! ^^









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