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After talking to a few people on discord, I've decided to put together a basic guide on how to get the most out of your farm. This is not an advanced guide for people who already have their farms put together, it's more of a starter one! If you have any suggestions or additions you feel are helpful, feel free to add them below!


If you're looking for a quick glance, scroll down to the DO'S and DON'T section. If you want more detail, read on!





There are three main things your farm should be used for. The first is to complete mission quests that ask for plants and animal produce! Doing so obviously helps to move you forward to getting even more missions, and it also gives you farming xp and pays you in cold, hard (in-game) cash.


Which brings us to the second thing: gold. Your farm will be your main, steady source of gold income. Missions and expansions run out eventually, and minigames only give out so much. Meanwhile your farm can be working for you, even when you're off doing other things! While gold can't get you as far as gems, it can still buy you (at the time of this posting) two expansions, a stable, some of the starter eggs, some fancy looking clothes, basic saddles, fishing gear, and of course, more farming gear.


And what is the most important farm gear of all?





In the long run, you're going to want to be getting enough profit to keep yourself in a steady supply of chicken eggs. Everything on your farm needs to feed back into getting you as many chicken eggs as possible. They are relatively cheap, you can get them consistently (3 eggs every 24 minutes per chicken), and best of all when fed to your dragon, chicken eggs provide energy, happiness, and dragon XP. Leveling up a dragon can be tough, especially if they're not great at racing/battling/DT, which makes chicken eggs an absolute MUST in this game.


(If you need to get your dragon hungry quickly to level them up with chicken eggs, go to Flight Club and run the first track for short wing dragons--yes you can do that even with adult and titan dragons. It costs 10 energy and only takes a few seconds to do. Exit when finished and feed your dragon chicken eggs. While they're still a baby, either play with them or go to the wilderness and chop down trees. EZ, GG.)


But let's not get ahead of ourselves. In order to get everything set up for our wonderful chickens, we need to make sure that we set ourselves up for sucess and aren't wasting our gold on things that won't make us a profit.





This game has a lot of farm quests. Like, a lot a lot. While it can seem tedious to be doing so many fetch quests that leave you sitting around just waiting for the item to produce itself, this will pay off in the long run, I promise! You're getting gold and getting farming XP, which you need to get certain animals later down the line.


Some things the quests ask for will be pretty easy things, like dragon nip and wool, while others are more expensive and time consuming, like tomatoes and yak milk. It can be tempting to spend a couple gems to just buy the item outright, but don't! It's always better to pay out a few gold and set up a timer for your plant seeds, and to outright invest into new animals as they're asked for in game. Especially since these animals are going to be your money makers in the long run--might as well get the cost over with asap!


There are even a few quests that will give you farm items you need, without you having to drop a single gold coin! One quest will give you a BEEHIVE and TREE, and another will give you TWO TARGET SHEEP, one black and one white. These sheep are especially important, but we'll come back to that in a minute.





Of course, you don't always have enough farming XP to get the seeds or animals that you need, or enough gold to buy what you need. This is where Johann's Job Board comes in! If you haven't seen it yet, the board is in the corner of your farm, straight ahead when you walk in. There you'll find a lot of mini-missions that provide gold and farming XP. This is also where you'll be doing all your major money making later on.


It's important when picking out missions from Johann's Board that you ONLY choose missions that will give you some kind of profit. You need to be making more than you spent getting or else you're going to be digging yourself into a hole you can't get back out of.





Now, there's a whole page right here dedicated to farm jobs: It lists how much they all cost and how much you make and so on. But let's be honest, who has time for that? When you're playing a game, you don't want to be constantly checking in and out on another webpage. So here are a few easy things to remember when choosing what jobs to do, which to toss away, and how to make the most of your farm.





Almost every single job with cabbages listed in them is going to lose you a lot gold. There is zero profit with cabbages. Almost every other job will at least get you a couple gold more than you spent to make it, except for cabbages. Seriously, the biggest mistake you could ever make is doing a job that asks for cabbage. If you only take one thing away from this post, I want it to be that cabbages are your enemy and should be avoided forever.




These are really expensive missions that take a long time to do. You could be using your farm plots and gold in much better ways. If they ARE asking for an animal product as well--especially if the animal product is the first listed--it might be worth it. Use your own judgement on how much time and gold you have and if it's worth it to you to do the job.




Those are your eggs! They are for you and your dragons and no one else, ever. I will occassionally do jobs that ask for chicken eggs as a secondary, but I also usually have 200-400 chicken eggs at a time. Use your own judgement on if you can spare the eggs and if it's worth the profit.



At 150 gems, it definitely isn't worth the basic farm supplies inside. Ask around on the forum or among your in game friends for the signatures to open it! Because it is worth opening, just not at that number of gems!




As you level up, you'll get more garden plots for free! There's no need to pay for more.




This one is a no brainer, but still important to remember as you're leveling up that your main focus is going to be on reaching a point where you can buy high job level farm animals.




The target sheep that are gifted to you for completing a quest produce TWO wool a piece, unlike regular sheep that only give you one. Keep your target sheep in a SEPERATE pen from the other sheep so you don't get them mixed up, and feed your target sheep on priority. Or, if you're like me, you don't have to use any other sheep at all! Sheep produce wool at a 15 minute rate, so it's easy to stockpile a lot of wool quickly. I would only recommend investing in regular sheep if you don't check in on the game very often and need a lot of wool produced all at once.


This is especially important as wool jobs are very frequent and can really help you get XP fast and get your gold stores built up. I actually still do wool missions! Seriously, they're amazing. Love your sheep, and they'll love you in return.



Rabbits, spiders, turkey, and etc. don't come around often, so when you see them, censored them up! They're often tied to better paying quests, and their feed is some of the cheapest available. Just don't overspend on them either, since they don't have a TON of quests. Which brings us to-



These are higher level farm animals, which means they're very expensive to set up, but these two are going to be your main source of income and are well worth the investment. The average job nets over 1000 gold pieces, sometimes even 2000. The feed may be expensive but they more than pay you back for it. Start with one and slowly work your way up to buying more as you get paid.


If you only want to invest in one of the two, pick the yak. You'll need it for a game quest for starters, and secondly, it has a lot more missions that ask for yak milk than the puffin does. Also you can only get the puffin if you have the Icestorm Island expansion (500g).


While there are other all-year-round farm animals you could invest in, like boars and ostriches, the yak and the puffin have frequent quests and the best profits. I can't really recommend any of the others, except maybe the arctic fox if you're willing to shell out that much gold, or turtles if you have the gems to spare.



If you're out of videos to speed up farm growing, make sure you set a timer on your watch or phone or whatever else you have to remind you to go harvest your plants! Otherwise you can only use it for mulch to make worms, and since we're putting so much effort into getting chicken eggs, you really don't need to fish much outside of missions. The end goal should be not needing to fish at all.



Yes, it's more expensive, but maximizing your farm space is important! Don't forget, we're here for the chickens! This is the priority. You're going to want to work your way up to having at LEAST a dozen chickens, and ideally a lot more than that. Some people have extra farms with nothing BUT chickens! Squeeze every extra bit of space for chickens into your farms as you can.





And that's it! Everything you need to know about the basics of farming, and how to make the most of your farm. It can be a bit of a slow start to farming, but once you get the ball rolling you'll find yourself with gold and chicken eggs to spare! If this wasn't enough information for you, there are tons of far more in depth guides on YouTube that you can check out!


Happy farming!




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Tracking! This is still a very helpful and informative guide ^^




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Couch potato crew here, WOOOOOOO!!!

Lolll i have a whole farm dedicated to just chickens, it completely stuffed with only chicken pens and i dont even know why i did it but its literally the best thing!

You are right, they do give a lot of eggs but i do not recommend stuffing a farm like i did, you need like hundred thousands of coins and it uses up a lot plus i only end up buying enough food to feed half the farm. I dont feed them as often since half the farm is literally enough for a good couple weeks depending how much dragon energy you use.

(not that your planning to fill a whole farm with just chickens...)



Other then that i completely agree with everything else!





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